Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swimming on Thursdays

This is a quick blog update on lil'bub's swim therapy. It's going fantastic! Although I rouse her extra early on Thursday mornings, (and she has to have her breakfast in the car as I drive across town) she really is a trooper and gets very excited when she sees the pool. Her favorite thing right now is the little apparatus in the photos below. She holds on to the handlebars and I guide her around the pool while her therapist and I sing songs to her and say, "kick-kick-kick!!" She responds with giggles and plenty of kicking!
Afterwards we rush back across town to take her to school and lately she has taken the opportunity for a catnap. Who can blame her? Swimming is tiring! Lord knows the whole thing tires me out.

This past weekend we attended a fun party, Avery's grandaddy stopped by for a rare visit, and I got to meet up with a good old friend. I have lots of photos to share, but they will have to wait for the next post because I need some rest. Lil'bub has been a bit under the weather and not sleeping well, but it looks like she's almost back to normal. Which means perhaps we will not all wake up at 3a.m. like the last three nights. If we're lucky.

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  1. she's turning into a great fishy like her momma! so good to see her lovin' that water :)
    get some rest & relax :)


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