Saturday, May 16, 2015

Goodbye to MDO

Somehow an entire school year has gone by for Baby Bub. Although Maddie is still technically the same age, she sure does look like a big girl now! 

And to compare, of course.

I am so grateful to her wonderful Mother's Day Out teachers who took such amazing care of her, and taught her so much this past year. She was always so excited to go and see them, and her little friends too. She continues to be a social butterfly, and receive thoughtful praises from her teachers, who tell me they think, "she is definitely a leader!" Ha.

Another thing I am grateful for is the fact they let the summer birthday children have an "unbirthday" day all to themselves. Each child gets a day to pretend it's their birthday and present a board decorated with photos the want to share, and share cupcakes with their friends.

Maddie presenting her board

Can you see the joy in her face? She got to talk all about her family and the things she enjoys doing. All about Maddie!

In the fall, she will start preschool at her local elementary school and start going every day.. I am trying to prepare for this, but I know I can not. You'd think I'd be used to this in some way since her big sister started full time school at one and a half. The fact is that as much as we needed the amazing school that knew how to help with Avery's special needs, I mourned the fact that I did not get to keep her at home with me like I should have been able to. And I will mourn for Maddie too, although it's more bitterweet because I know she is ready and she will love it.

It's still hard to believe it is already time. At least I still have the summer to prepare, and have some fun with the girls. We are ready :)


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Big Girl Bed

Last September, we finally turned Maddie's crib into a toddler bed. She lasted in that crib a long time! After three glorious years and very few attempts at climbing out, she surprised the sh%$ out of me one morning by casually meandering down the stairs before I even knew she was awake. So I knew it was time. I totally meant to blog about it.... oops. I did only have this one photo of her helping daddy take off the side. Tool in hand!

 Doesn't she already look so little here? 7 months ago!

So then her little bed looked like this:

She slept comfortably here for awhile until we decided it was finally time (this past week) for a BIG GIRL BED.  Really, it was a reward for all sorts of good behavior... we'd been building it up for awhile. I ordered some precious new sheets with a colorful bird motif to match her room. 

Maddie was super excited for the actual event and wanted to help as much as she could.  Baby Bub fully believes she can do such things as lift beds and mattresses, and it's difficult to dissuade her without hurt feelings!  She thinks no job is too big for herself, which cracks me up.

She also kept talking about how she was going to have a big girl bed just like her big sister :). I really love how it turned out.

We took out her rocking chair and now bedtime stories are actually read in bed with her, which is really nice. So far, so good!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

I have to post some pics of my bunnies before time gets away again! The girls attended no less than 3 egg hunts this year, with Maddie actually winning with 4, since she also had one at school. They are not spoiled at all I tell you!

We celebrated twice on Saturday with visits to Hub's family ranch and then to mine. Getting the girls to look and/or smile for the camera is absolutely impossible lately. Pure torture? It makes me pretty crazy! Here's the only decent one I got of the girls. Sigh.

I was really happy that Avery seemed to enjoy picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket. We mostly strolled her from egg to egg, but daddy carried her around a little too. Such a good daddy. Maddie is like an ol' pro with egg hunts at this point. She was done in 60 seconds.

Here is Maddie with her second cousin Molly, who she loves to play with! 
They are so cute together.

Conspiring not to look at the camera! ha

At the next ranch (luckily, only 15 minutes away), Avery did some napping and I got to do some porch rocking, which I highly enjoy.

Maddie really loved hanging out with even more second cousins, and basically chased them around for two hours. Katie in the navy behind her and Mackenzie in the hot pink are her faves, and so sweet with her.

Maddie hearts Katie.

My cousins, Alysia and Kingslea

I didn't get any egg hunt photos at this ranch, but my sweet Aunt Kay did get a good post-nap snuggle of Mommy and Avery. That's my childhood blanket that Avery now uses.

On Sunday, Maddie was in heaven because she got to follow Buella around... her favorite cousin-dog. Maddie will walk on all fours, sit like a puppy, bark like a puppy, and do every other puppy thing you can imagine while in Buella's presence. She takes her role very seriously.

The girls had another fun Easter egg hunt..

and then preceded to refuse again to look at the camera, so
I gave up too! Happy Easter!!


Monday, March 30, 2015

I did a Triathlon

In a very weird moment of (obvious) craziness last month, I decided to sign up to do a mini triathlon to help raise money for Avery's wonderful school. What really made me go over the edge was when I saw it was going to be row/swim/run instead of the usual bike/swim/run... because this girl does NOT bike, but has been lovin the row machine since college. I also saw an opportunity to invite a wonderful old friend to town to join me in the challenge as she 1) is practically a professional triathlon/marathon expert and 2) had a baby in December that I was dying to meet!

Lucky for me, everything worked out and my lovely friend Diana drove in this past weekend with her adorable new sidekick, Finn. We got to catch up and I got to cuddle (with Finn-ha) and then we woke up really bright and early on Sunday morning and DID A TRIATHLON. Just absolutely words that I never thought I would say.  Did I train for it? No, not really. Did I survive? Yes, thankfully. Did I have fun? Surprisingly yes, but mostly when it was over. :) I do have to say it was fun to challenge myself and meet a new goal.

Here we are post-tri with our cheerleader

Even WAY more fun though was afterwards when I got to babysit Finn while Diana went to a wedding shower. He is just a wonderful baby. Four months old and smiley and cooing and I just loved it. My little helper Maddie did too. Her favorite was getting to feed him. She was so sweet and very gentle with him. She just kept exclaiming over and over, "isn't he cuuuute!"

And Finn loves mirrors just like my girls did! He would catch sight of himself and just break into a huge smile. We probably played this game for like 20 minutes.

And then after we had playtime he fell fast asleep on my chest and it was just absolute, peaceful baby heaven. And I asked Bub the hub if we could maybe keep him but he said Diana would probably miss him, and I agree. But seriously, it was wonderful.

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