Monday, October 20, 2014

Bub Update

15 days since my last post! eek! Life got in the way, again. A lot of life. Avery has had tons of doctor appointments and got another Botox treatment, which her tired muscles appreciated VERY much. Maddie is a whirling dervish of activity and currently experimenting with giving her nap up, which is making me a little sad. Both of them are growing like weeds, going through clothes and shoe sizes like you wouldn't believe.

I finally got an appointment for Avery to try horse therapy in December and Maddie is thoroughly enjoying her gymnastic and ballet classes.

In the past month, I have decorated the house for fall, hosted a neighborhood book club, worked on about 15 card/party orders, held a successful garage sale and played Candy Land about a 1000 times.

We've also been able to take advantage of this new, beautiful weather and the girls are loving it. This past weekend we went to Dallas for our annual State Fair visit and had so much fun!! Photos will be coming soon. No photos for this post, sadly. More soon :)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maddie at Three

I wanted to do this post as part of M's birthday, but we just finally went in for her doctor check-up and I got her stats. No wonder she is still fitting into all of her 2T clothes, sweet girl is 3'1'' and 30 lbs. so that's 38th percentile for weight and 42nd percentile for height. Skinny minny I call her.

I could not resist a good toddler interview. Here are her answers to my questions:

What is your favorite color? "Red!"

What are your favorite things to eat? "Applesauce and yogurt"

What are your favorite things to wear? "clothes" yea, she really said that. LOL. Then I asked if she had any favorite outfits and she said "dresses." Awesome.

What do you love to do? "To play with my trucks. And I love to play with my ball on the trampoline."

What is your favorite song? "Music" I asked again and she said, "Jesus." She's talking about the songs she sings at MDO. I'm pretty shocked she didn't mention a certain Frozen song!

What is your favorite day? "Tuesday" I asked why Tuesday and she said she got to play with her friend Leah. awwwww

What is your favorite toy? "Cars" and then "Elsa toy"

What is your favorite animal? "A cow!"

Where do you like to go eat? "At Lenny's" (Lenny's Subs)

What's your favorite thing to do with momma? "Playing with Candyland"

What's your favorite thing to do with dada? "Eating breakfast" haha

What do you like to draw? "A person"

What's your favorite book? "Ariel" I'll assume that's The Little Mermaid

What makes you happy? "Mommy and dada and my family" omg cue my crying

What makes you sad? "When people talk about sad." Makes sense to me.

What makes you laugh? "Funny words"

What are you really good at? "Changing clothes" Alrighty then?

What are you not very good at? "Um, I dunno. Hammering." She's referring to her toy tool box, I assume.

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A princess." oh, love

Where is your favorite place to go? "To the grocery store. With my family. With Nana."

What is love? "That I love my family" 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maddie's Cinderella Party, Part 2

And the saga continues! Maddie continued to show Cinderella around her party.

I love how the boys are peeking around to see what's up!

And then it was story time...

Maddie thoroughly enjoyed being princess of honor
in Cinderella's lap

There was princess dancing!

Princess laughing!

And even princess certification and autographs!! What a thrill.

This is my favorite "cheese"

Avery got to meet Cinderella too :)

 And of course the birthday cake! Sweet girl was not scared of the candle this year. She waited and made a wish and blew it out perfectly, with Cinderella right by her side. She did not demand we sing a second time like last year lol.

Simply precious! So glad we decided to bring Cinderella to the party. It truly was magical.

We gave our guests Princess Pretzels as a parting gift. Yum!

Maddie still talks about her party and the "adorable Cinderella." Her words. She wonders when we will see her again but doesn't push me for answers... which I find interesting. She has been assuring me lately, however, that if we see any other Disney characters again, like Minnie and Mickey, she would NOT be scared this time. She's referring to our Hawaii trip to Disney Aulani when she clung to me like a spider monkey whenever one of them came within 10 feet. So, there's that subtle hint. Point taken, love.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maddie's Cinderella Party, Part 1

So excited to share our Cinderella party! At three years old, it would be hard to find a little girl who likes to dress up more than our little Maddie Brynn. It all started last December when a sweet friend of mine gifted her a fancy Cinderella dress. 

Doesn't she look like so little here? Those cheeks! 
This was only 10 months ago!

The dress was a little big, so we had pin it up in the back... and it was a little hard not to trip, but she made it work with help from a pair of adorable Cinderella glass slippers we found at Target. Both items have become staples in this household. A couple of months after the dress arrived, somehow we came across princess songs on itunes and since then we have heard DAILY renditions of "Bippidi-Bobbidi-Boo" and "A Dream is a Wish...". 

The weird thing is that she does not constantly request to watch the movie. Although sometimes she does ask me to cue it up to the part with the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella going to the ball. And she does ask almost daily if mommy and daddy would dance with her like Cinderella and the Prince. We usually twirl around the kitchen a time or two.

I gave Maddie several options for her birthday party, but she never wavered from her initial choice:  so Cinderella it was! And Bub the hub and I would have no idea that the best decision we'd make would be having a Cinderella character come to the party. Maddie was totally enchanted! Enough background though, here is the party.

Although initially excited about her "before the ball" dress, Maddie saw
 all of her guests in their princess attire and felt a little left out....

A change was in order!

that's more like it!

FAB-ulous carriage cake topper, cupcake toppers 
and cookies by my wonderful and talented bestie, Allison!!

Just a few of our princess friends!!

I didn't set up activities this year, but we did have
a dress-up station that seemed to be a big hit.

I had fun getting a little crafty and making a Cinderella 
Story Banner for the entry way.

Mid-way through the party, there was a little knock on the door...
She's here!!

Maddie's sweet little face just lit up as soon as Cinderella 
arrived. She showed her all around the party!

Our Cinderella was fantastic, she really made Maddie feel special.

And here is where I have to leave you, on the edge of your seats I know--
but I have a jillion more photos to go, so I am posting a Part 2 
tomorrow. Stay tuned for the rest of Maddie's magical Cinderella Party!

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