Monday, October 19, 2009

Grammy's 60th Birthday

We've had a lot going on lately....when did October get so busy?? Every weekend is totally packed. I guess the beautiful weather helps! This past weekend we celebrated Bub the hub's mom's 60th birthday with family and friends. We were a bit worried about taking lil'bub out waaaaay past her bedtime (and with good reason). But she did calm down after, like, an hour! When she just got too tired to care about all the noise and crowd...but also when they brought out the CAKE! yes, I do believe that I've mentioned this before, but strangely enough, cake invigorates this child like you have never seen. You know who else loves cake??

it's lil'bub's adorable cousin, Mary Kate!

look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Grammy and Pops. I think Grammy had a good birthday.

The Bubs at dinner (monkey mid-chew)

Avery spots the cake...

and turns into cake zombie baby!!

I took some awesome photos of munchkin in her Halloween costume, so I will post those in a couple days. She makes the most adorable fairy you will ever see!!!

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  1. Hey Cassie! I found your blog through facebook and thought I'd say "hello!" Avery is so precious. It looks like you've had an amazing yet challenging journey with her already. I hope you're doing well!


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