Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Y'all

I've been making some cute Halloween cards lately with my new favorite toy-- the CRICUT!! It's basically a cutting machine that makes scrapbooking and crafting a whole lot easier. I made this card and some variations for some friends and family and then put wallet photos of Avery inside. They were a hit!

So, like I said before, last weekend was really busy. After Mike finished his P.E. exam, we all breathed a big sigh of relief. Then Grandaddy came into town. He makes lil'bub giggle. A lot.

Then we traveled out into the country for the grand opening party of my Aunt Kay and Uncle Randy's brand new Barndominium. What in the world is that? you may be asking. Check out their blog about building it here. We were so excited about seeing it in person finally, and it lived up to all our expectations and more!! They designed it beautifully and Aunt Kay's decorations were just gorgeous. We are all looking forward to more visits in the future.
In all its glory

Avery saying hi to her little cousins Jack and Mackenzie

Enjoying a little party guacamole

I got to round out the weekend with a visit with one of my oldest friends, Christen (Williamson) Lowrey. We met in preschool and like most preschoolers, we partied a lot. Especially skating parties!

please don't ask about the outfit...
it was the '80's ya know!

Now we are both grown-up (well, not really, just way older) moms, and she even has her own pre-schooler. It's crazy.

do we look any different?

Christen's cute munchkin, Aidan

So, after a week that I would rather not discuss for the nightmare that it was, we had a little Halloween dinner party with our good friends Alla and Scott. I tried out this delicious recipe for Saltimbocca, but with mushroom ravioli instead of meat.

The very lovely Alla serves it up

What's a Halloween dinner party without snake breadsticks?

I think Scott enjoyed his dinner :)

Spider cupcake fun

I gotta run now, it's time for some trick-or-treating with my little fairy!


  1. Love the pics. We haven't changed much really...It was great to see you. Wish we could have had more time. Come up to Austin soon! Smooch.

  2. Your Dad is sure a hansome guy. You should post pix of him all the time!


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