Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally Some Fall

To Bubs, Fall means many things, like...

Pumpkin patches

Decorating the porch
(we added spiders this year!)

Decorating inside too!

Fresh autumn colored mums in the house

Cuddling up to read a Halloween book

Creamy, delicious squash soup

This year something else got added to our Fall list--Bub the hub's Professional Engineering exam. First he had to pass a smaller test after graduation from college. Then he had to work as an engineer in training for four years before applying to take this big exam. At the end of the summer he started studying and going to many, many prep classes to prepare. We missed him a whole lot when he was gone two nights a week and all day Saturday and Sunday for about 2 months. And then he had to really study on his own and create this intricate book tabbing system. Then he packed a suitcase--yep, A SUITCASE--full of materials to take to his test.

It all finally went down yesterday and such a weight has been lifted from all of our shoulders. Now we just need to cross every appendage we have that he passed! Probably only about 50-60% of the people who take the test pass. SO like I said, cross your fingers!!

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