Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh blog

You poor thing! So neglected. No time to blog though when I am completely stressed out with my lil bub in pain again. I once more thought that we were on the mend from all the sickies a couple weeks ago and then BOOM----> Avery got a HORRible hives reaction on day 9 of her penicillin meds for the sinus infection that had cleared up on day 2. Poor thing was red from head to toe and non-stop scratching! The doctor said it would clear up in a day or two but it really kept getting worst and then finally we got a liquid cortisone for her, which really helped and then promptly gave her a horrible tummy ache. This child has been thru THE WORST lately. 

I haven't even gotten to the really bad part. This all happened right when it was finally time for her Botox treatments and so of course we had to cancel. Oh the agony! They wanted to give us a reschedule for May (whole 'nother story but I can't tell you how hard it is to get these appointments!) and that would have been eight months from her last injections, when she really needs them every three months and gets very uncomfortable waiting for them. It was so upsetting. Long story short, we were able to get her in this past Tuesday and she is much happier for it. And both girls have been happy and healthy this week! Which I am kind of scared to even write out loud because of jinxing possibilities (don't be mad, hub) but also want to sing it from the rooftops because it's been rough, y'all!

We have once again been spending a lot of time like this:

With sweet Avery in a tight mommy cuddle! Which I totally don't mind by the way, but wish it wasn't because she has been so unwell.... but at least we've got the Botox on board, so things should be vastly improving soon. My next post will include no sad tales! I gotta believe.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines?

More like super un-happy Valentines! Both girls were miserable and feeling unwell yesterday that it was pretty much one of the worst days ever... such a bummer. We did start Friday out right by having a sweet little playdate with Miss Molly, who plays so well with Maddie.

Dress-up and tea were first on the agenda!

Avery had a seemingly good day at school on Friday as well, including a party with pizza and cake, two of her favorites. On Saturday, however, she was not acting herself and had continuous meltdowns for reasons we could never understand. Her cold cleared up last Wednesday, so that didn't seem to be it. She was too upset to eat any of her meals through out the day, so we knew something was really bothering her. All I can think is that her body is just aching since we are so long from getting the last Botox treatments. The new one is coming on Thursday, thank goodness. 

Maddie, on the other hand, seemed fine until the afternoon when she started complaining of a tummy ache. She basically spent the rest of the day and night crying, which is so unlike her. We had a bunch of warm baths and tried everything we could to help her poor tummy. She didn't really fall asleep until 1am, so it was a long day and night for all of us. 

Thankfully everyone woke up today in better spirits. Both girls enjoyed some time in the new hanging swing we got Avery for her birthday. We hung it in the corner of her room. It's a cloth swing that kind of sucks you right in, but it's the perfect size for the girls. We can swing them or spin them, which they both really like. I started calling it the "cocoon" because it's so cozy looking (and gray) and now Maddie asks me if she can swing in "Avery's raccoon" which cracks me up so much I can't even correct her.

Avery is clapping/saying "more" swing

Give me some privacy Mom!

Bub the hub and I didn't get to do anything very romantic, although he does score major point for getting me this beautiful flower arrangement.

And a sweet card. And candy! And a donut with white icing and valentine sprinkles, exactly as I had requested :). He's a very good bub indeed.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Avery is 7!

I'm falling a little behind on posts again! It's been pretty busy lately especially with Avery having two separate, bad colds within the same week and then some... I know you are wondering how this is possible but let me tell you, it IS possible. The one thing we can be thankful for is the first one had cleared up right before her birthday weekend! She had three great days of birthday, Friday through Sunday, and then the cold returned on Monday. BUT it was a great three days!!

Here is the pretty girl on birthday morning!

and a good shot of that missing front tooth :)

She had a party at school with her classmates and teachers. It also happened to be music therapy day that Friday, which we are learning quite quickly is something Avery adores. Now, I can tell you she likes to jam in the car to certain songs, but now we know that she also likes to jam to live performances!
She's singing and shaking bells

Do you think she is enjoying herself a little?

She had a good time at her little school party too. Bub the hub, Maddie and I brought Avery her favorite, Chick-fil-a, for lunch and then we ate chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that Maddie and I had baked for her. She was a fan!

Last year, we had a super fun peanut butter and jelly themed party in the backyard and invited lots of family and friends. This year we decided to keep it super simple and just had Avery's grandparents, my brother, and hub's sister over. Little Bub was happy the whole time! She got another cupcake too, this time chocolate with vanilla icing and sprinkles.

"Happy Birthday to Avery!"

We feel very lucky that Avery has so many sweet friends and family members that love and care about her. They helped us give her such a special birthday, and I know she felt and appreciated everyone's love, even though she doesn't have the words to express it.

On Sunday we had a few neighbors over for Super Bowl, who brought over a bunch of food and ... did you guess? Avery got yet another cupcake! This was one seriously happy, well-cupcaked birthday girl. 

I'm still getting used to the number seven... not sure I was ever entirely used to the number six, so this might a struggle. She is growing beautifully though, isn't she?

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