Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fairy Pretty Princess

I saw this adorable fairy costume awhile back at Gymboree and I could hardly resist it. The price tag, however, was waaaaay more than I wanted to spend on a costume that my munchkin would grow out of in about 10 seconds. So, I went on eBAY and looked around and luckily they have been selling the same costume for a couple years. I stalked a few different sales and got one at about half the price! We tried it on last weekend and I must say that it fits perfectly :) and by some miracle, she doesn't mind wearing the cute little flower hat. Here is the debut of Fairy Avery.


  1. Adorable!! Worth every penny of the half price deal!

  2. a beautiful fairy princess in a pumpkin patch!

  3. Don't know what the costume cost, but the picture is priceless!


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