Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Avery

Here are the long overdue photos from Christmas. We celebrated at FOUR different places! ALL on Christmas day! although we were super exhausted, lil'bub did really great.

On Christmas Eve, we took a last minute trip to visit Santa at the mall. Avery had really enjoyed seeing Santa at her school, and I was really hoping she might give him a little smile....

but that was not to be...

she did get happy with Santa once I held her though!

here is crazy hair Avery helping us
do some last minute shopping

a catfish stuffed animal? lil'bub said nah

later Avery got into her Mickey Mouse xmas p.j.'s
and visited with Uncle Drew

kisses from mom on Christmas morning!

opening presents with Dad

She LOVED her new frog bath mitt from Nana

WOW Nana must have been good this year

caught a special moment between
lil'bub and Uncle Drew

Lil'bub was ready for her nap!

Dinner in Chappell Hill, Texas

her little cousins loved tickling her,
it was really cute

munchkins playing around!
see my new boots in the background :)

Mommy and Avery were very tired!

Munchkin was fast asleep and Nana was in heaven!

Hope everyone has a happy, HAPPY New Year. And may 2010 be as crazy as 2009! Because it just wouldn't be as fun, right?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big News!

Bub the hub passed his big Professional Engineering test! waahoo! Lil'bub and I are so SOOOO proud of him and very glad that the extremely long and very time-consuming prep classes paid off!!!

I have been finishing up holiday card orders, finally making our holiday cards and I was out-of-town this past weekend, so it's nice to finally be finished with work, and be home and now ready to finish up my Christmas shopping! And yes, I do wait until the last minute to do most of my shopping, but I work great under pressure.

In honor of Bub the hub, here are photos of him playing bouncy ball with lil'bub. We are teaching her how to pass/roll the ball back to us, which she can do, but would much rather just keep and play with it herself. This also ties into a very tough lesson we are trying to teach her called SHARING. Hopefully it will click sometime soon!

Avery's signature smirk

cheesing for camera!

ok Avery, pass it back to daddy

considering it

give it back!

peek-a-boo with daddy, one of her favorites

Avery adores her daddy!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Let This Day...

this sweet, sweet day, BE known as THE DAY that lil'bub allowed me to give her pigtails, wilst not one cry, whine, or even a peep escaped her lips. {It's a huge step} Let this day live in infamy, or perhaps just in my mommy memory, forevermore.

Monday, December 7, 2009


It has been almost two weeks since I last blogged! that's very uncharacteristic. A lot has happened! I'm going to do a quick (ha!) recap.

-->decided to start digitally creating greeting cards for the holidays. I started with cards for friends and family and now I'm actually making a little money, and having fun doing it! I hope to get some more experience and maybe expand to all kinds of cards. We'll see!

p.s. if you need some last minute cards, shoot me an email/comment. here are two samples of my cards!

-->flew to Austin to help host a shower for my dear friend Diana and her fiance, Keegan. Became an expert there at twinkle light decorating! (refer to photos)

-->pulled off a fun event with hosts-in-crime: Mari, Sarah, and Denise! and yes, it would have been smart to get a photo of all the hostesses together. but did I do it? no :(

-->Only caught the return flight by about 3 minutes! but at least the happy couple had fun!!

Di & Keegan

-->Lil'bub got fitted for a special vest to support her trunk and special leg braces to strengthen for future walking. It's A LOT to put on her in the morning {sigh} but thankfully, it seems to be much less annoying to her than it is to me. AND it's already helping a lot with her strength...

braces with special fitting shoes

munchkin in bright blue vest and leg braces,
all good for tackling her daddy

-->we decorated for Christmas!!

-->had a fun snow day for the second year in a row, took approximately a zillion photos, but will only share two :)

lovin' it

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