Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eight Months

Madeline is EIGHT months old!!

She has the very best baby smile in her mommy's opinion

getting so big :)

It's been a very eventful month-- she has hit seventeen pounds (no percentages this month though) and more importantly, sweet girl finally sprouted TWO teeth, yay!! Both bottom teeth have arrived in all of their drool-y glory. She's officially started gumming on biter biscuits, although she makes funny icky faces if we give her any other food thicker than pureed.

In other news, this bugaboo will not stop moving!! It's lucky I got this quick, smiley eight month photo of her, because after about 5 seconds, she was already across the chair, off the chair, playing on the chair...

down on the floor, spotting something to play with...

like a flash across the room, hi lambie!

She is crazy fast, y'all. It blows my mind. Her poor little knees get so red sometimes. She doesn't seem to mind too much though. Little Maddie Brynn is infinitely interested in everything around her and VERY busy. She has a plethora of toys strewn all across our house and plays very well independently right now.

However one of her very favorite things to play with is her sister..whether or not her sister is willing to play haha. The other day I took my eyes off her for a sec and turned back around and she'd moved 5 feet in about 2 seconds and was sweetly cuddling with Avery's leg. Lovin on her sister! I love it. --->

<--Still loves eating her baby food and has expanded her palate to include pureed corn, zucchini, pasta, chicken, peaches, mango, and blueberries.

Joy for bathtime continues as well, and we are still luvin  the Puj tub that we use mostly in our kitchen sink, although she is getting awfully big for it now! -->

<--Continues to consider scooting on her knees, but mostly still army crawls

Immensely enjoys sticking her tongue out at her mommy and daddy -->

Is pulling up on everything, including legs (human and table), couches, her crib, and the stairs, which means baby proofing has
<--officially begun!

Big girl has started sitting well in restuarant highchairs and has lots of fun especially visiting with daddy on his lunch break :) -->

And last but not least, all this eight month old girl wants to do lately is hold on to our fingers and WALK! She is like the energizer bunny, and meanwhile we are exhausted and our backs ache...not like I would trade it for the world of course, it really is magical! I'm just surprised she's already so on the move. Very different for us...and you should hear the tantrum if you try to stop her!
Love this preciousness!! Can't wait to see whats next :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swing Girls

It's been so much fun since Madeline got big enough to swing next to Avery at the park! We go all the time now, and there are always big smiles from everyone. These photos are more than a month old already, but I had to share.

ready to swing mom!

here we go............

this is fun~ big sister is already a pro!

hey, did someone forget to push me?

that's better! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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