Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Bubs and 21 Weeks

Took about 25 million photos this year to get, like, 5 good ones! Most photos I take of lil'bub these days, she's just a blurry flash. But I was really excited about her Easter dress this year (and had to get a good photo) and boy, that dress did not disappoint!

We had a busy Easter weekend, but it was good to see family :) Avery got a TON of stuff, including eggs in this adorable bunny basket:

she tried knockin the eggs around to open them...

but it turns out daddy's help is much more efficient :)

She also got to go swinging, one of her TOP major fun things to do! So she did a little swinging by herself...

A brief swing with her bunny ears...

A little giggly swinging with her sweet daddy...

Some definite laughing at her silly bunny-Nana...

And even a few fun swings with her Nana!

Of course, Easter would not be the same without tons of kisses from her momma

and an attempt at a family shot!

And last but not least....21 Week BUMP!!

How far along?  21 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain/loss?  8 pounds people!
Maternity clothes?  Yes, was so happy with the new maternity shorts from that I went back and ordered two's gonna be a long, hot summer y'all
Sleep?  Still waking up a lot in the middle of the night, and definitely hard to sleep on anything other than my sides now. Other than that, lil'bub and Bub the hub are letting me sleep late in the morning :)
Movement?  Lots of flips and kicks
Food cravings?  Still gotta have the pickles...and salads and fruit...and sodas- boo!
What I miss: Seeing my feet...and not going to the bathroom every 5 minutes!
Milestones:  Baby Bub is growing lips, eyelids and eyebrows this week...wowzer


Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day :)

 I know what you're thinking...two posts in two days, that's crazy! I know! But it's Earth Day today, and Good Friday as well, and we do like to celebrate around this house. You might remember my post from last year where I shared some ways to be green. Thought I'd do that again, but more like little things everyone can do to be more environmentally friendly :)

Here's my TOP 10:

1) Protect the health of lakes, rivers and streams by avoiding soaps and detergents containing phosphate. Examples of phosphate-free brands include Seventh Generation, Eco Ver, Bi-O-Kleen, Mrs. Meyer's and Trader Joe's. SAFER for your family and our fresh water bodies!

2) Lower your energy usage - and utility bills - with a programmable thermostat. We did this a couple years ago and continue to love it.  Why use all that energy (and money) when you are away from the house?? Use a programmable thermostat to set specific times, so you don't waste anything!

3) Wash most of your laundry in cold water. Try to avoid using warm/hot water unless it's really warranted. According to the EPA, approximately 90% of the total energy consumed by a standard top-load washing machine goes to heating the water. Your clothing will survive, I promise!!

4) Eat seasonally and locally: visit your nearest farmer's market! We are so lucky to have one right around the corner once a week. We can get fresh fruits & veggies, organic meats, dairy, fresh baked bread and even pre-made frozen meals. We can't live without it anymore! Here's a good list of other markets around town.

5) Insulate your water pipes. Save money, water and energy by dressing your hot water pipes in foam sleeves and your water heater in a nice insulating jacket. Insulating your water heater alone can reduce your utility bills by 4-9%.  Plus, insulation shortens your wait for hot water each morning.

6) Just say no to receipts! I know this isn't always possible, but when you can, rejecting those receipts saves a ton of paper. There are eight billion ATM transactions in the US per year. All of those little slips add up to a pile of waste that could circle the equator 15 times...scary!

7) Watch what you don't eat. Portion sizes in this entire country, not to mention Houston, are out of control! Consider other possible uses before you pitch: leftovers, freezing it, donating it, or even making a soup or stew out of it. Americans throw away one quarter to one half of their food, creating more than 50 million tons of garbage....

8) Reduce plastic waste by purchasing refillable cosmetics. Brands like Aveda, Stila and The Body Shop offer refillable holders for their blushes, powders and eye shadows. Right now, ORIGINS inside Dillard's is offering a free (paraben-free) cleanser TODAY if you bring them any plastic "cosmetic empties." I heart free stuff!

9) Please DON'T water your yard during the heat of the day. Boy this drives me nuts! Up to 90% of it will be lost through evaporation, especially during the warmer months=what a waste!

10) Complete the recycling loop! Buy recycled products instead of those made from virgin content. Look for the percentage of "postconsumer content" - the higher, the better. Great recycled products include paper towels, toilet tissue, plastic trash bags, egg cartons and glass containers. Recycling at home is the first step, buying recycled items at the store is the second, then REPEAT :)

Growing support for recycling helped reduce the number of landfills in the US dramatically. I think that's pretty awesome. It's so easy to do! And kids think it's fun too--sadly, we don't have a pick-up in our neighborhood, so Bub the hub takes lil'bub on a quick trip every Saturday to a local recycling drop-off center.  There are several good ones around, even a drive through one! No excuses then! I might even be willing to make you some super awesome bin labels like the ones we have...


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Evidence

Hot pink icing face

and hands!!

school dress soaking in the sink...

bunnies peeking out of back packs

abundance of eggs!!

fluffy bunny art and finger paintings...

have you guessed it?? That's right, lil'bub obviously had what amounted to an insane preschool Easter party! Seriously, I think this one might have gotten a little out of hand...Avery is laughing hysterically at Elmo as I write this...most probably still riding out her sugar high. I guess we've got to let them party every once and awhile, right?  

I think she's going to sleep well tonight.

Hope everyone has a fun Easter weekend!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Rodeo Post

Better late than never, I always say! We went to the rodeo last month with our friends Allison and Leah. The girls both wore their super cute, pink boots for the occasion, of course. Here they are, ready to go.

They look sooo excited, yes? Well, they just didn't know what they were in for yet! 

The girls really liked seeing the animals, but this momma had a hard time with the stink this year. Have I mentioned that my super-sonic sense of smell is even stronger right now? It is. At least the girls didn't seem to mind!

guess the animal got cut off in this one :)

Avery's favorite were the chicks! We watched a couple hatch and then headed over to the newborns...Bub the hub took these photos with my cell phone, lil'bub's faces crack me up!

 Didn't take too long to tucker our babies out:

After the mommies (and daddy) grabbed some food and the girls woke re-freshed, we visited "The Butterfly House." The butterflies were really neat, not to mention gorgeous, but I was pretty paranoid that we might step on/crush/maim one the whole time. They sure did like to land on Avery's head!

And one even liked my cute boots! 

Miss Leah said, "phooey!"  on those butterflies

We ended our visit in the traditional way, with yummy ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls!!! They were so delicious! For some reason I did not take a photo this year, but they look very similar to this:

delicious! I even shared some with lil'bub, who said, "Mmmmmmm."

Thanks to our best good friends for a wonderful time! Until next year, cinnamon rolls!!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Bub will be...

This very special, precious princess...

is going to have...

an equally sweet and precious little sister!! What a joy! Bub the hub and I couldn't be more excited for another little girl :) 

I've finally been taking new photos of lil'bub recently, so I'll post more soon. Check out the giveaway winner over at Sugar Bee!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sugar Bee Designs Giveaway

I've taken a rather long break from blogging over at Sugar Bee Designs recently. Not on purpose, but I've had a lot to keep me busy...shower invites, birthday invites, moving cards and baptism cards...and I've loved every minute of it! But the blogging break might also have something to do with the exhaustion of making this new human being, who is indeed kicking me as I write this. Anyhoo, to make up for lacking posts, I am offering my very first card giveaway!!

 I've unveiled all my stationary designs and I'm offering a free, custom set, so go check it out....CLICK HERE

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