Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Improvement

You all might have noticed these posts are getting fewer and farther between. Sorry, but getting ready for a second new baby is no small feat! It's a little crazy around here. I am glad to say that Bub the hub and I have finally completed the carpentry and painting projects in the nursery, and are currently arranging furniture and decorating, so that hopefully I can share photos next week! I am a master at run-on sentences.

Meanwhile, you can call it nesting, or home improvement, or upgrading or whatever! but for the last of couple months, I've been making small changes around the house. Mostly painting, which has made a BIG difference. So I am going to share a few before and after photos with you, because I always love seeing how other people are redoing/redecorating their houses too. 

So, to start, we painted the big window wall downstairs "Heavenly Blue." And I love it! Before, every wall was the same gray color, which I do like, but it needed a little something extra. The blue also picks up the colors in the new rug I got a few months back:

much better, don't you think??

We had our bedroom painted as well. This time it was "Waterfall." Yes, it's actually a different blue ha! We changed around the furniture, added dark blue drawers from the former guest room and most importantly, got a new gorgeous comforter that I absolutely A-dore!! The whole room is more soothing...which is exactly what a bedroom should be! See if you agree:

and just to give you an even better idea of the soothing blue...

isn't the new bedspread lovely? it lightens the whole room!

We also painted the half bath...that's right you guessed it, "French Blue." What can I say? I'm in a blue phase. Sorry no before photo for this one!

And last but not least, we had the new nursery painted as well....NOT blue :) a bright, fresh YELLOW-

that's all I can show you for now! but I don't want to leave you hangin' too bad, so here is another nursery hint:

we are doing love birds!!!

NEXT UP...replacing the breakfast room light fixture with this beauty:

And let's not forget the upcoming frog themed bathroom for the girls!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey Normal Day!

The beginning of last week was pretty rough on the bub family. It was a couple of days where it seemed like nothing was going right! To the point of ridiculousness, I would say. I had to try really hard on not focusing on all the negative stuff...which reminded me of this poster I saw on the web awhile ago. The words kept reverberating in my mind when I started to dwell on what had gone wrong those days, and they were a good reminder of what I needed to focus on. 

These words always hit me hard because the very first time I read them, I couldn't help but think about before and after lil'bub was born, when life got a whole lot more complicated in even more ways than you would normally expect for new parents. But now that we have (somewhat :) adjusted to our new normal, I read these words and remember that everything could have turned out so much differently, and can yet still change! So they comfort me, and remind me of what's important, and perhaps they will remind you too.

AND, thank goodness, this week has gotten off to a much better start! Here is the poster, recreated by me:


Friday, July 8, 2011

My New Baby

No, not Baby Bub you sillies...she's still baking! My other new baby:

Isn't she pretty!?! If you can't tell from the photo, she is a very soft light blue with silver trim. It was a bit of a surprise that it was already time to trade in for something newer, but I think we made the most of it. We picked another crossover with a bit more room in the middle for the expanding family :).

We decided on a Lincoln MKX,  and I've been driving her for about a month. I am still very happy with our decision, especially because she has some features that I can't figure out how I've lived without for so long! Here, please let me share them with you:
-power lift gate...seriously y'all, is this not the greatest device ever? Being 8 months pregnant in the middle of a Texas summer, I just love being able to press a little button that opens and closes the back gate. I already have to lug out the stroller, so this is just really nice...I'm never touching a trunk again!
-air conditioned seats...I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even know this existed before now...I mean, the leather seats have little ventilated holes that cool my tushie as I drive. No jokin', I'm in heaven! They provide heat for colder weather too, but who can think about that right now?
-keyless your car down before you even get to it! Love it!
-keyless excited to have that code on the car door that means I can't accidentally lock my precious munchkin in the car :)
-separate controls for driver &passenger a/c...if you've ever driven with my endlessly overheated husband, you would understand why this is so important. I no longer have to be a passenger popsicle!
-CD changer on the dash...really nice to not have to mess with this in the glove box anymore...
-miles until empty display...I know this isn't anything new or fancy, but I love knowing exactly where I stand gas-wise.
-dual DVD monitors in the's super luxurious to have a cartoon/movie ready in case of road trips or cranky lil'bubs!
-one touch seat has a button that automatically folds down the middle seats for more trunk space-- does this car take care of itself or what??
-it's gorrrrrrr-geous...really! can you tell I love it?!

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