Monday, May 24, 2010

Splash Pad

Bub the hub and I have been talking a lot lately about how bad we need to take lil'bub to the pool. She is going to start back up with her swim therapy in July, which means we need to get back into shape!! So we were very happy to be invited last weekend to join our good friend Logan and his family for some fun in the sun. Of course, I also did not want to miss an opportunity to put Avery in her new watermelon swimsuit with matching hat!!

Lil'bub had a such great time, she almost never stopped smiling. It began when we climbed out of the car and she caught sight of Logan and just started giggling non-stop. No, really. We think Logan looks funny with a beard too, but we try not to laugh at him to his face, ya know. (J/K!!! LOVE YA LOGS :) Here is Logan in all his beard glory with Calvin and Elijah, his two very sweet sons--that's Eli on the right giving us a big cheese!

The matching watermelon suit/hat does not disappoint! Am I right?!? I am really lovin' these "splash pad" concoctions that all the suburbs are building now. It's such a fun place for a kid to run around and play and get wet, without having to worry about the dangers that come along with pools...
hey! is that thing squirting at me??

I think I wanna touch that...

hey that feels nice :)

We did venture over to the pool for a little while. Lil'bub sat with her daddy in the shallow beach area for awhile and splashed around. She even fended off a shark attack with grins...really, is there anything her smile can't do?

This is me and Amber, already momma of two, and one on the way! Thanks again Gentry family, we had a great time :) :) double smiles!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today we want to give a special shout out to Avery's Pops, who is starting his chemo treatments today. We hope everything goes well! We know he's going to bounce back quickly!

one of our favorite old photos, Pops with newborn Avery


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Uncle Drew graduated from SMU this weekend!!! We are so proud of him. And we are so glad that we all went to watch him walk across the stage, but all that road trippin' really wore this family out! Luckily, we are right back to lil'bub's normal schedule and sleeping habits. It's a little scary how she reacts when thrown off schedule. You baby mommas can relate, right!?! Anyway, here are some good photos from the weekend.

it was a very intimate group of History grads!

this was how interested lil'bub was in the whole thing

Drew gets his diploma!

THIS was how excited my mom was :)

the fam

lil'bub was all dressed up, but not very happy about it!

she was happier later when we got casual again

Thanks again to the Dallas Pattersons for being such wonderful hosts. AND to our sweet friend Jill Peterson for letting us celebrate at one of her delicious restaurants...The Blue Goose. Those margaritas were AMAZING!! I need one now actually. Do y'all FedEx? No? oh well. CONGRATS DREW!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long Weekend

This year I experienced something that I want to make a full tradition: rather than have one Mother's Day, we made it into an entire weekend. All about me, all the time. Haha, ok, not really, but the weekend started out with a sick baby home from school, and ended with me cleaning the entire house ON Mother's Day for a I had to cherish all of the time in between!

Bub the hub took me to see a movie Friday night...something he did not really want to see, which makes it extra sweet of him :) It was the new documentary movie, Babies. And it was really eye-opening and fun to see these little ones from around the world.

I gave and received extra kisses all weekend,
just to celebrate Mom's Day!!

On Saturday I had one of my favorite things for dinner, bruschetta!!!
Actually, it was a trio of bruschetta's, and they were DE-licious

then it was chocolate and banana pancakes for breakfast!!

After we got that whole house showing thing over with, Avery's Nana came over and planted some new flowers in my yard, made us dinner AND put together a raspberry/lemon dessert she saw that I had been craving under my "currently" list. I knew that would come in handy!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day too, whether you are a mom or you were celebrating your own mom. They deserve it. This job is hard, y'all. No doubt about it.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've never done a "currently" post, but I think it'd be a fast, fun way to share what lil'bub has been up to lately. I also added some of my own "currently" info to the sidebar. I might have gotten a little carried away. Maybe a lot. You tell me.


♥ in the 45th percentile of weight and 95th percentile of height--> look at those long, skinny legs!!!

♥ wakes up every morning a very happy girl, usually in the completely opposite position of how she went to sleep

♥ absolutely ADORES "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"

♥ at school, she's working on stacking blocks, sorting same and different objects, and naming bodyparts

♥ now rockin' the lower, back ponytails...not necessarily evenly made, but you try making ponytails on a squirmy worm!

♥ sleeps well through the night, but occasionally still likes to wake up along with her daddy around 6am

♥ she's lately become a very picky toddler eater, but does enjoy my homemade, no-grease enchiladas, loooves her morning pancakes and has always gone wild for prunes (eww!)
♥ still wishes for her very own puppy dog
♥ is the absolute most ticklish munchkin that I know

♥ has learned how to tickle mommy and daddy too

♥ when we ask her for a kiss, she will slowly lean into our cheek (and sometimes even grabs our face with her hand) and lay a huge wet one and then smile. it's the sweetest. "kiss." ever.

♥ she still always wants to be outside. her sweet daddy takes her for a stroll every single day after work and it's the highlight of her day, rain or shine :)

♥ really enjoys and thinks it's uber-funny to stroll her pink car while INSIDE her own stroller

♥ gets super excited riding in the car when we turn down the street that leads to our neighborhood, and whines if we pass it instead!

♥ receiving the following therapies: physical, occupational, speech, vision; and we hope to be starting back with swim therapy very soon. yes, it does keep us very busy
must have her Glow Starhorse in order to go to bed
♥ loves to read books before bed!! her favorites right now are "Hippos Go Beserk" and "Moo,Baa,LaLaLa!" both by Sandra Boynton. she complains if we read anything else...yep, she might be a little bit spoiled

♥ thinks any kind of coughing, sneezing, or throat clearing is simply hilarious
♥ has a smile that still lights up the room




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