Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School 2016

My beautiful girlies started their new school years last week. It was incredibly less stressful for me this year because I finally hired a caretaker to help me with Avery. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but a hard step to take. Our new helper started in late July and it's definitely been easier for me to juggle Avery's needs with her assistance.


Maddie Brynn started Kindergarten

She was ecstatic for her first day and showed no nervousness at all. She already knew her teacher very well from last year and had a couple of friends from PreK that were in her new class as well. I was so proud of her. She walked right in with hardly a look back!

Maddie's Kinder teacher, Ms. Davis, is our fav!!

My Avery wasn't quite as sure about starting back. We talked about it a lot, and even went to a "meet the teacher" day to try and get her familiar with the new classroom and teachers. It was nice to have her caretaker with me to actually get some decent pics of her on the first day!

We went with a big bow and super cute, fluttery dress for the first day. 

She whined a little when we first walked in but adjusted and started smiling within 10 minutes. Her new teachers are just wonderful, and instill so much more confidence in me than those in her previous classroom. They are enthusiastic and cheerful and so accommodating to all of her special needs.

I went home that day and realized that I hadn't even thought about shedding a tear at either drop off. This is HUGE! I am usually so emotional, especially when it comes to Avery. Maddie always tells me exactly how she is feeling, and what happened during her day, and I honestly almost never worry about her. She adjusts to new situations so quickly and without drama. Avery, of course, is a whole 'nother story, and it's hard to ever feel comfortable leaving her with new people. 

This year has been so freeing. Avery adjusted so well, so quickly, and continued to smile at every drop off for the rest of the week. This wasn't even happening after months and months last year! She was really showing me how comfortable she was with the new teachers, which made me feel the same. I think both girls are going to have a wonderful year.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Insanity

The month of August has been the busiest of the year, by far, and I have so much to share. We might have to go for TWO posts, y'all.

We went on a very quick family vacay during the first week of the month, and I took literally no pics. BAD MOM. It happened to be my birthday that week, so it was nice to spend the day laying by the pool. Maddie had a blast on the water slides and Avery tolerated everything quite well, although sadly she was in no mood for swimming. Ah well.

We came back home and immediately went into party mode for Maddie's 5th birthday. But I did get to do something memorable as a birthday gift from Bub the hub....

OMG how I have missed them.
I got to go with my bestie, Allison. 

It was an amazing show and I'm so glad we got to go!

Then it was back to party mode. We were celebrating Maddie's birthday the second weekend of August with a Flamingo Luau Pool Party!! This pic was on the back of her invite:

The party went amazingly well, especially after the initial promise of rain... and momma did not have a back up, so thank goodness it stayed clear! As you might imagine, I have a jillion party pics, which I will do in a whole 'nother post. OK, maybe just one...

This is one of my favs! If you can believe it, I still have this balloon floating around my house.

Maddie was lucky enough to have her aunt and uncle come from Dallas to help celebrate her birthday. They were a wonderful help and always spoil the girls so well!!

As does their Nana...

Maddie got her new Kindergarten backpack, 
among many other fun goodies! 

She was an enormously happy birthday girl. A couple of days later, on her actual birth DAY, we had a donut breakfast (of course) and then went to get her birthday checkup at the doctor. This sweet girl is healthy as a horse! and mommy and daddy are so grateful for that.

(she took Ariel for support :)

Then we took our first adventure to the roller rink-- the exact same one that her mommy rolled around countless times at the same age-- and she just blew me away.

She started off using this helper contraption but asked after about 30 minutes if she could try it by herself. She fell about 25 times but got up every time with a smile on her face. Her determination definitely made this mom tear up a bit. By the end, she was skating like a pro!!

We ended the day, at Maddie's request, at our tennis club. We ate dinner and the birthday girl got to play on the indoor playground, which is one of her favs.

Happy 5th Birthday, precious girl. I hope some day you will read this and remember how much fun you had. You were smiling ear to ear all day, and mommy and daddy kept shaking their heads, unbelieving that you are already five years old!! Your light shines so bright, my love, and we can't wait to see what's yet in store. 

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