Friday, January 29, 2010

So It Begins

The birthday festivities have officially begun! My almost-two-year-old had a party at school today. I'm still busy getting ready for our party tomorrow. Farm animal EVERYTHING! I am having dreams about farm animals too. No seriously. I am.

This is lil'bub this morning...I think she knew something was up because I kept shouting, "school birthday party day!!" But you'll have to excuse my high excitement because I had a summer birthday and never got the school parties (I know--pity party right?). I am therefore psyched that she will get them!!

The teachers made her a cute sign

I brought flower cupcakes...TONS of icing

Requisite cupcake face

Her teachers got lil'bub an awesome farm toy!

She really enjoys the birthday singing

The pretty birthday girl :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almost Two

My baby is almost two! It just hasn't quite sunk in yet. I finally started planning the party the other day. We've had so much going on lately that Bub the hub and I decided it would be best to just do a family party this year. Last year we had two big parties, one for friends and one for family. It was TONS of fun but also TONS of work. And booooooy was munchkin spoiled!

When it came to a picking a theme, I didn't have to look far. The girl loves two things right now: Mickey Mouse and Old MacDonald. Hard to decide right? Well, I think I made the right decision: Kid-party planning is pretty fun, I gotta say. I hope Avery handles the crowd this year a little better than last year. She gets overwhelmed pretty quickly. We'll probably have to loop some Baby Einstein "Old MacDonald" on the t.v. (which I know the adults will LOVE) and of course have her new favorite friend by her side. Her pink singing pig she got for Christmas. Avery met a similar pig at her bff Leila's house and just had to have her very own. To prove to you all how much she loves this pig, and really all barn animals, here is a video of my daughter...showing affection to her pig.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

X-ray OK!

Thank goodness, lil'bub does not have anything serious going on in her hip. We just need to do a whole lot more stretching and massaging and weight bearing on that right leg. Have I ever mentioned her right leg is shorter than her left? The muscles are really tight from her not wanting to put weight on it....blah. Yet another challenge TO BEAT.

Just to prove she is back in top form, here is her daddy givin her tons of tickles....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

X-ray Today

sooo this past weekend was amazing because we all got to be there as Diana & Keegan said "I DO." Lil'bub had a lot of fun with her cousins in Austin and everything seemed to go well. But now we are back home, and another school week has started, and lil'bub is worrying us a bit. She seems to be having some pain in her right side, maybe her hip, and she doesn't want to sit at all. I am taking her to go get an x-ray at Texas Children's soon and I am very nervous. We are also meeting with her Rehab doctor tomorrow to see if she can figure out what's bothering my lovebug.....

Here are photos of the beautiful bride and wedding and lil'bub hanging with her cousins. I hope I will have some good news to post soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year

I have been thinking a lot lately about my resolutions for 2010. But I think I've resolutely decided not to make any. I've also decided I don't really like the word resolution. It's just And I think everyone knows we are usually setting ourselves up for failure. If I'm going to make anything, it's going to be GOALS. Doesn't that sound more upbeat and less foreboding??

I proclaim the following GOALS for 2010:

--continue working on my patience. or lack of. lil'bub is on her very own developmental timeline, and I've got to accept it more

--expand my card making business

--for gosh sakes, get lil'bub's scrapbooks past 6 months of age!

--use our cloth diapers even more (I'll elaborate on this in the next post!)

--drink less diet dr. pepper...I think humans are about 60% water and I'm pretty sure most of the fluid in me is actually d.d.p.

--blog more

--world peace

See how that last one would never work as a resolution? But as a goal it works just fine, am I right?? Now that's out of the way, I will leave you with munchkin yesterday after her first day back at school. Uncle Drew got her a new bear coat for Christmas, and it's like it was made for her!

yes, the cuteness is just mind blowing

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