Saturday, March 23, 2013

19 Month Marvel

I am fulfilling a promise I made many months ago. The word "marvel" still constantly runs through my head when I watch my second born. Bub the hub and I can't help shaking our heads and laughing at the antics of this adorable pixie. A week ago she turned 19 months, and I continue begging her to stop growing up so fast! I have so much to share about her, and I don't want to leave anything out, so this will be a long one.

First, some stats: 23 pounds and 31 inches tall, around 25th percentiles for both. Still our little bub! Her hair is also still very blonde, and has gotten even curlier in the back. Her bangs are so long now that I can put them up in a bow or hair tie. The other day we had our first pigtails! What a thrill (for mommy :). Her baby fat has almost completely melted away, and all of the sudden she looks like such a little lady that I can hardly belive it. Where did my baby go??

Looking over her 15 month post, most everything still applies. Most definitely the ham part. She is a Character with a capital C!!  Never misses a chance to try and make us laugh. And laugh we do.... this is not working so well for that whole disciplining thing you are supposed to do as a parent. Bub the hub and I try so hard to keep a straight face, but it's next to impossible when she looks at you with the adorable/innocent/sad/ mischievious/happy/precious mug.

Talking about mischievious, I think I actually caught that face in one of our pics...or maybe just the beginning of one. She purses her lips and kind of looks up to see how close you are watching her. ---->

Another good word for Maddie Brynn is DARING. Whether it's the swimming pool or the playground or her new gymnastics class, this pint size princess is up for anything.  She'll jump in, climb up or take off so fast it makes my head spin. Gotta watch this one!

Here she is playing on the big kid playground at the park-- just try and make her play on the jungle gym for little kids, ha! As if.

She's still doing great using her utensils. Of course, she doesn't want any help, so you gotta just let her go for it. Yogurt and apple sauce are her favorites to spoon. Maddie thinks the spoon is SO cool that she picks up solid foods and places them in the spoon and then into her mouth. More work but more fun I guess?

Cars are still one of her favorite toys, and she has collected quite a few. She also still enjoys going through kitchen cabinets and getting out whatever she can find. Here is a good pic of her mixing these two pastimes: mixing up her cars in a bowl... "little people" cars soup anyone?

One thing that Maddie Brynn does not ever, ever do is make a huge mess. She does not make our house look like a bomb went off. She does not purposely throw toys all over the place. She most definitely does not take every single thing out of the pantry (including individual sugar packets) and then walk away like nothing ever happened. Like, never. And if you believe that, you must be insane.

I think the biggest change since my last Maddie post has to be her talking. She's gone from lots of baby babble and saying a bunch of words, to talking in sentences and repeating every word we say! I lost track of all of her words so, so long ago. Every time someone walks in the door or the phone rings, they are greeted with an exuberant "HU-ROW!". We hear a lot of "juss" for juice, "ook" for book, "t" for t.v. and "pa" for ipad. My current favorites are when we do colors. She says "wed" for red, "bean" for green and my absolute favorite: "puh-ple" for purple. The cuteness will knock your socks off. Madeline loves to point at photos and tell you who is in them. She says "Nay-nee" for Avery, which I adore. Sometimes she will rattle off our whole family's names just for fun. "Mama-da-da-nay-nee-ma-deee-MELMO." That last one is actually Elmo, who I assume she just considers family at this point.

She also loves to say "ki-tty" and "ruffruff" for dog, and goes berserk if she sees either one in real life. At home, she has several kitty and doggie toys that she carries around all the time. The other day we bought her a little doll stroller at Target, and she's been pushing that around constantly with various friends inside. She really is such a good mommy! The other day I caught Maddie sharing a snack with her dolly. She put a puff right on dolly's mouth :). We also play a game where she puts dolly and other stuffed animals to "nigh-nigh." She puts a blanket on them and pats their head and gives them a kiss, while we sing a night-night song. Adorbs, yes?

Madeline's brand, brand new thing to do is walk in mommy's big girl shoes...and sometimes daddy's too. This is a somewhat difficult thing to do, so she takes tumbles pretty easily, but resolutely gets up and tries again. The stubborness astounds.

Madeline still L-O-V-E-S books, and we read them all day long. Somehow she continues to rope her Nana into reading about ten before bedtime, but normally her daddy and I try to keep it to a 3-4 maximum before nap and sleep, or it will never end! The other day in TJMaxx, I went to look at the little girl clothes and she spotted the book shelves. She ran over there and plopped right down on the ledge and proceeded to go through every book they had. She tickles me.

The last thing I can think of to say about Baby Bub in this epically long post is that she really, really loves her family. She gives sweet unsolicited kisses to her sister, and absolutely adores her da-da. She yells (and searches) for her Nana throughout the day and loves to play with her granddaddy. She also loves her two favorite babysitters: Grammy and Aunt Diana. She does not want them to leave!

She continues to be such a sweet, sweet social butterfly who brings happiness to everyone she sees. Madeline waves to strangers in cars (who always wave and smile back!?) and usually has the big kids at the park following her around with smiles. All we can do is shake our heads and marvel at this little pumpkin. And love her to the ends of the world and back, ten times over!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking Back, part two

As the first year in our first house came to an end, we saw the arrival of this little nugget:

who most of you know, spent a lot longer in the hospital than we expected...and had about 5 brain surgeries more than we expected (5 brain surgeries total). But when she finally did get to come home with us, made herself fully comfortable upon arrival.

And it was like she had been home from the very beginning.
Snuggling in the living room on the couch became our favorite pastime.

She had her very first bath in that kitchen,
and very much enjoyed sleeping on her daddy in our old bedroom.
Bub the hub and I watched our first little love grow up in that house. It was never easy for Avery, but she learned to smile and eat,

and sit and stand!

All of the Halloweens and Christmases, and every sweet birthday we got to celebrate...
Then, of course, little sister came along,
and the memories multiplied exponentially :) 
Little Madeline made herself at home just as fast as her sister had before her.
These sisters learned to love eachother in our old house.
I spent the last day there packing up the remainder of our things and thinking of all of these memories. It was tough! I cried a lot, and laughed a little too, thinking of these wonderful and terrible and amazing and scary things we went through in the last 5 years.
I wish I had photos to share from moving out, but those are all gone along with my stolen camera. Sniff. 
I know our next story is just beginning. We are still looking for a new place to call home. I can't even begin to imagine the memories to come.
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