Monday, January 26, 2015

Where did my baby go?

Avery is turning SEVEN on Friday. How can this be??

These are the 5 photos that I used on her first birthday invitation...

Don't you just want to squeeeeeeze those cheeks? Me too.

I still do.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Snaggle Tooth

That's what we have been calling Avery for almost a month! One of her front teeth became loose in December and totally moved/turned so it looked really funny, but wasn't quite ready to come out. For awhile. Do y'all remember the trauma (really just for mommy though) when she lost her first two teeth? Well, I was not looking forward to this one either. And still nervous about her swallowing it... so of course she wakes up this morning when I'm the only one home with her and it's finally hanging by a string.

I was literally on the phone making an appointment with her dentist, who had very sweetly offered to help when the time came, when it started bleeding and I had to just grab it. UGH. Thanks to Avery's sweet physical therapist, Eda, for helping me through it! We survived. Avery seemed to not mind at all, again. Here is my new toothless girl.

We celebrated at Shipley's Donuts with a vanilla sprinkle donut.
Isn't that how you celebrate losing a tooth?

Maybe mommy can chill out a little more now that we got a big one out of the way... but then again, probably not.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back in the Swing

This was our first full week back on our regular schedule. I'm exhausted. It's only Wednesday! Well, at least the girls are both ecstatic to be back at their school/Mother's Day Out program.  Avery absolutely beams every morning as we are walking into her classroom. And it's back to lots of one on one time for mommy and Maddie, which has been primarily spent like this.

Terrible photo from my phone but as you can see this girl is 
You need more proof you say?

Uh huh. In her carriage on the way to the ball.

My own little sleeping beauty.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Is it just me or does 2015 seem like a super futuristic year? It's just hard to wrap my head around for some reason. I remember thinking that my high school graduating year, 2000, seemed forever away... far far in the future. And then a decade past after that and it felt so strange to be in the year 2010. And now here we are in 2015 and that's just insane. Right? I might be babbling.

I blogged a record three times last week in order to make a nice round 40 posts for 2014. I had made the one resolution last year to blog more and was glad to actually attain that one. Up from 33 posts in 2013. Of course, here we are a week later and I am just getting around to the first official post of 2015... it has been a little busy with doctor appointments and getting Avery back in school and still s.l.o.w.l.y. taking down holiday decorations because a certain 3 year old freaks out whenever she sees me putting this stuff away. I'm talking tears! Poor thing wants it to be Christmas all year round. Oh Maddie.

Like last year, I didn't want to stress on resolutions... so I didn't even bother to think of any. That also feels a little wrong. I did manage to google some ecards on the subject though! They weren't quite as funny as I'd hoped.

So I think I can do a little better than this. Like, at least resolve to be generally healthier? Last New Year was the first time I can remember that I didn't make any promises to myself about trying to exercise more and then BAM! I started going regularly to the gym in April and have been going strong.  Maybe I need more reverse pyschology? I don't know. This next one really hit the dot on the nose for me.

I just tend to overthink and have more fun planning than going through with the task. I think that's why I should just stay small like I did last year (except blogging more is not an easy task- but whatever) so I don't have to expect something like this. 

Not like y'all would laugh at me-- I hope! I do have a few things in mind now though. The first is to learn how to say "No" more. I know that sounds a little harsh, but I need to value my time (and sanity!) more. Sometimes doing nothing is ok! I know that in my brain, but I need to put it into action. 

I need to go to bed earlier. This is a hard one! Do you ever notice my blog post time stamps? Ha. But I AM a night person, through and through, and it's when I get a lot of work done too. Nevertheless, I am going to make it a resolution and set it in stone this year. So, ugh, starting tomorrow?!?  

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