Saturday, May 16, 2015

Goodbye to MDO

Somehow an entire school year has gone by for Baby Bub. Although Maddie is still technically the same age, she sure does look like a big girl now! 

And to compare, of course.

I am so grateful to her wonderful Mother's Day Out teachers who took such amazing care of her, and taught her so much this past year. She was always so excited to go and see them, and her little friends too. She continues to be a social butterfly, and receive thoughtful praises from her teachers, who tell me they think, "she is definitely a leader!" Ha.

Another thing I am grateful for is the fact they let the summer birthday children have an "unbirthday" day all to themselves. Each child gets a day to pretend it's their birthday and present a board decorated with photos the want to share, and share cupcakes with their friends.

Maddie presenting her board

Can you see the joy in her face? She got to talk all about her family and the things she enjoys doing. All about Maddie!

In the fall, she will start preschool at her local elementary school and start going every day.. I am trying to prepare for this, but I know I can not. You'd think I'd be used to this in some way since her big sister started full time school at one and a half. The fact is that as much as we needed the amazing school that knew how to help with Avery's special needs, I mourned the fact that I did not get to keep her at home with me like I should have been able to. And I will mourn for Maddie too, although it's more bitterweet because I know she is ready and she will love it.

It's still hard to believe it is already time. At least I still have the summer to prepare, and have some fun with the girls. We are ready :)

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