Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Updates

I guess my new tradition is to wait until the absolute last day of the month and suddenly realize (at around 11pm) that I haven't posted once! Awesome. I also literally took about 5 total photos this past month... also awesome. We will have to revert to bullet point updates because I honestly don't have the brain power to compose further adequately structured paragraphs.

-Late Halloween night, Avery started having clusters of seizures again. We hadn't seen these since last February before she started on a new medicine.  Instead of the short, individual ones that she was having 1-3 times a day, these were more intense and would go on every couple of minutes for 30-45 minutes in the middle of the night. NOT COOL. She had them every night for almost 2 weeks before her med increase seemed to kick in. We were all very tired. 

We are still seeing the clusters every now and then. The individual ones we see during the day are also longer and more intense, but come one at a time. We are still increasing her meds and crossing our fingers that we they will go away! 

-Baby Bubba is doing well, growing just like he should be. I had my 19 week anatomy scan and it was so fun to see him movin' and groovin'. He's kicking me like crazy lately, even as I type this. If only we could agree on a name for this sweet thing...

-I got to accompany Maddie's kindergarten class on a fieldtrip to a local farm and it was both entertaining and exhausting. Maddie had a blast! Here are two really terrible phone pics of her on the pony and riding the choo-choo train with her friends.

-Rachele, one of my best friends from childhood came to visit with her daughter and it was so nice to catch up! Her daughter Elizabeth and Maddie had TONS of fun together. We hadn't seen each other since our trip to Hawaii almost 2 years ago. 

-Bub the hub and I got away last minute for an afternoon and evening to attend an Aggie football game. It also happened to be our 11 yr anniversary! Whoop! The Aggies managed to tank the football game. Not whoop. Still had a good time!!

-Hubs had a full week off of work for the Thanksgiving break, and it was incredibly nice to have him home, especially since Avery was off of school a full week. Her behavior has been pretty challenging lately and we just barely made it thru the week. BUT we did have a very nice Thanksgiving day with both of our families. This is the closest to a good family pic we could get. :)

I'm just noticing now that the girls look SO OLD. 
I can't even take it.
Going to bed! xoxo

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