Monday, October 12, 2009

Holy Fried Guacamole

The State Fair was a blast! Sure, it was a bit chillier than usual, but we still had fun. Lil'bub did 100x better on this road trip than the last one. It helped that Nana was in the back seat to cater to her every need....sorry we squashed you Nana!!

lots of naps also help ;)

I have about a jillion photos to share. Here's lil'bub with her daddy, all ready to hop on DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) straight to the Fair. The rail was indeed rapid, but waiting for one to show up WAS NOT.

Our favorite thing at the Fair is definitely the corndogs!! Here we are with my dad and brother. Love how I have a mouth full....

Avery saw mine and just had to have some.

yum yum

She also loooooved seeing the animals. Especially the cows. This was to be expected as "Old MacDonald" is her favorite song and video right now. Some of these photos are blurry because she was bouncing around excited!

no photos please!

pointing and giggling

daddy showing her the right place to pet the sheep

I bought her an adorable cow pillow
to remember her new friends by :)

Bub the hub and I enjoyed trying our first "fried guacamole bites." They were fantastic!

Uncle Drew sampled the fried cheescake. Do you think he enjoyed it?

Bub the hub was the only game winner of the day! Here he is flipping chickens, which is what he mastered last year.

He won this cute walrus for Avery competing with Drew and I in the horserace game. Those games are so expensive! We still feel a little robbed.

Here's my girl driving a new hybrid version of my car in candy apple red. We love touring the automobile buildings.

Monkey really likes cuddling up to Uncle Drew

Here's our annual Big Tex photo. And that's a wrap!

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  1. sounds like an AWESOME trip!love the pics cass :)


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