Friday, July 3, 2009

Swim Day!

Last week lil'bub and I had a swim day with my lovely friend Laurie and her sweet daughter Leila, who shares a birthday with me and is about to be one year old! We can't quite believe how fast these girls grow. It does not seem so long ago that I was thinking how sweet Laurie was for having a baby for my birthday--she's just a good friend like that.

I think Avery really enjoys having little baby friends to watch and play with in the pool. She does not really enjoy, however, having the sunscreen slathered on-- but it's a must, especially in this terrible heat. We use this Banana Boat spray stuff that has organic ingredients and smells so is Avery all sunscreened up and ready to go. We decided to try out a different swim suit! This is an adorable cherry one from Target that her daddy picked out.

Avery was happy and giggling from the minute we got in! We did some splashing. We did some bouncing. We did some spinning too, but that made us kind of dizzy, so we decided to stick with kicking on our tummy:

At first she was a little unsure about this kicking thing..
notice her momma wore a new pink swim skirt
that matched lil'bub, of course.

Then she was kicking like a pro! Some squealing involved too.

They also had this fun flower floatie. At first she did NOT
want to be separated from my hands, but as soon as she
got used to it, it was all smiles :) This is when she first
noticed Laurie pointing the camera her way....

and so she made her best swimbaby pose.
I was crackin' up!

Next time we will get some photos with Leila and Laurie too. Here's a good photo of Leila from awhile ago. She is Avery's bestest girlfriend!

isn't she a doll!?

We hope to have many more swim dates in the future! I have even started working on Bub the hub about buying a house with a pool. So far I've gotten a glazed look and then an eye roll. I'll keep working....Happy Fourth everyone!

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