Thursday, July 16, 2009


So last week I got an email saying that a very good friend of mine was going to get a proposal from her boyfriend and we were invited to come to Austin to celebrate. Well, this was an event that I really couldn't miss, especially because it was my sweet friend Diana Wightman, who I don't get to see near as much as I would like to. And also because it was going to be a surprise proposal at the end of a couples' triathlon!! SOOOOO, Bub the hub and I popped lil'bub in the car and made the trip up to Austin. Avery did excellent in the car, sleeping a lot, and snacking (yogurt melts are her favorite right now) and lots of talking. We got to stay with my cousin Alysia and family, which was also a treat. She has Katie, who just turned 6, Mackenzie, who is about to be 4, and Jack, who is about 17 months. It's a full house!

The little girls were so full of energy and very loving, especially with Avery. Katie played lots of peek-a-boo with her and Mackenzie just kept giving kisses and hugs. The girls took a moment from coloring to take a photo with me.

They made these cute pictures for us... can you believe how well Katie represented Spongebob and his sidekick, Patrick? And Mackenzie is coloring in the lines like a pro!

Katie's art

Mackenzie's art

Saturday night we all had dinner with one of our very best friends, Logan, and his family. We don't get to see them enough either! Bub the hub and Logan had a good time catching up, when they weren't watching one of the 30 different t.v.'s in this restuarant with various games on. Heaven for them, I'm sure.

Lil'bub got very sleepy

Meanwhile, I pigged out (on fried pickles, mac&cheese, waffle fries, and BLT...yeah I went a little far) and talked to Amber, Logan's lovely wife. She has Eli, who is about to be 3, and Calvin, who just turned 1. She is a busy woman too! Here we are all together:

Bub the hub and Eli have a mutual Batman affection :)

THEN we woke up early on Sunday morning (not hard considering Avery's new 6am wake-up time :() and drove across Austin to Decker Lake, where Diana and her boyfriend Keegan were competing (fiercely I was told) against each other in a triathlon!! I got there just in time to help cheer Diana to the end! I helped hold up the last of five signs spelling out, "DI WILL YOU MARRY ME (KEEGAN)?" Keegan met her at the finish line. Of course, she said yes! An Austin news film crew was there to document it all too--- here is the couple right afterward, Di was so happy, you can see it on her face...

Here I am with Diana's mom (my 1st grade teacher!)
and more friends

Here's Diana with me, showing off her ring

Avery was very excited for Di too!
She got all dressed up just for the event...
her little cheeks are flushed from being outside.

Avery made a new little boyfriend in Sam Fredrickson,
Mari's adorable son.

At first she looked at him like who is this?
but she warmed up later!

You can watch the video of everything here:

Afterwards we went to a DElicious Mexican food restaurant to celebrate. We got to sit next to the Fredricksons and baby Sam and talk about baby stuff, so I was happy :) Lil'bub got her first taste of GUACOMOLE!! She looooved it.

Look at that green mouth


Diana, Sam, Avery and me

It was quite a weekend. Avery did really great on the car ride home too. We collapsed when we got home. This week has been equally exhausting...I have had to take lil'bub to the medical center every day this week for one or more appointments a day. It's certainly making her sleep more! Hopefully I can find my rest somewhere too. If you made it all the way to the end of this blog, then I think you need some rest as well. Sweet dreams!


  1. what an amazing proposal story and congrats to the happy couple! (this is rach)

  2. cass!!! i love the post & i love that avery is a guac girl :)
    thank you so much.


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