Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balancing Work and Play

Yes, lil'bub balances it well. All you working moms take note, haha! Last week was a good mix of both, which I always try to do, so she doesn't think we are in constant therapy (which she kind of is, but shhhh, don't tell her). Avery did some excellent sitting with her daddy and Ms. Leigh. Here she is peeking over the table at me:

And playing with her favorite pop-up toy while sitting, also known as MULTI-tasking...

A couple of weeks ago I found this fun bubble gun at Target and lil'bub absolutely loves watching and grabbing at the bubbles. She makes the funniest mouth when they pop near her face. She sticks out her bottom lip like she's hoping to eat them if they are just close enough. I didn't get a good photo of that face, but here are some winners:

She pretty much flips out with happiness when she sees them.

Here she is grabbin a few.

and gigglin

We also had a wonderful visit from Laurie and Leila. I think Leila enjoyed all of Avery's toys. We even sent her home with one! That's just how much Avery appreciates her friends :).

Here's a good shot that showcases their drool!
Avery just got tooth #7 and it's been non stop!!!

Here you can see her adorable bow.
(Leila gave it to her for her birthday)
Looks like Leila is teething too.

In physical therapy, Avery is working on putting weight down on her right hand, so she can steady herself on both sides when she sits. She is definitely not a fan, so this was a very rare smile during weight bearing exercises:

As a reward, she got to watch some Spongebob right afterwards! She looks a little entranced. If I start singing the theme song, she looks toward the t.v. and gets super excited. It's hilarious.
She is sitting in her "supportive sitting chair," which teaches her to sit up straight.

This past weekend was incredibly busy, but in a good way. We took a very last minute trip to Austin and got to visit lots of great friends (and baby friends) and be there for a very special event. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera, so I had to rely on other people to take the photos and I am still collecting them. We will be back tomorrow to share how amazing it was!

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