Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Fourth

I know this is a tad late, but we had a great Fourth of July with family and I wanted to share some cute pics. It was an ESPEcially exciting weekend because my daddy came into town! We hadn't seen him in many moons, and lil'bub was pretty psyched the minute he walked in the door, as you can see.

geez, it's like they love eachother or somethin :)

We went on to enjoy more family and excellent food on Saturday. Avery dressed festive with a cute navy blue dress and red bow. Here she is cheesing for the camera again:

Since Avery and I were in festive colors, I made Bub the hub change his shirt into a red one. Let me tell you how thrilled he was to participate...what a sweet husband!

We were thrilled that Avery was very well behaved and let everyone hold her and say seems like her stranger anxiety is getting a lot better, thank goodness.

gabbin with grandaddy

smiling at Nana

flirting with Uncle Drew and Jessica

resting on Aunt Diana

My mom made an excellent Fourth of July dinner. And lovely decor! Look how much we were enjoying ourselves:

Thanks for a wonderful time momma!

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