Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Week

Well y'all, this has kind of been the week from hell. Hence no posts! To make matters worse, my little laptop got sick and had to go to the doctor this week. So I didn't have him all week and still don't have him back. This means that I have to go all the way upstairs! and get on the old PC if I want to get some computer time. Ridiculous huh? I know.

SO anyway, lil'bub had a very trying week in therapy, which makes me pretty much miserable. Sometimes it's just too much for her (and me) to take. However we did end the week on a good note today, with NO therapy, and I got to pretty much lay around while she took long naps and played with Bub the hub. He gets home before lunch on Fridays, which I LOOOOOVE. It's just a fantastic way to start the weekend....and lord knows I have not been able to lay around for, well......since Avery's been born!

The other good news is that the laptop got sick exactly one day before the warranty ran out (when does that happen right?), so we didn't have to pay! It feels nice. If they would just give him back then we could pretend this whole week didn't happen. Except for Monday! Monday was fun because Aunt Ali joined lil'bub and I at the pool. And yes, we are turning into pool rats. And we like it :)

Avery sure does love her Aunt Ali!

She debuted a new suit- a bikini!!!
Look at that adorable belly button!! Here, I'll help:

It doesn't get much cuter folks.

We paused from swimming to cool off with a little yogurt.

This was her expression when we ran out of yogurt.

So like I said, the only thing I really did today was lay on the couch and watch t.v. I watched an entire "True Hollywood Story" on that old sitcom Home Improvement. Two hours long! I was totally mesmerized. Who knew there was so much drama? We all watched The Rachael Ray Show too. I entered some contest on her website to win a makeover and a trip to the Emmy's. A girl can dream can't she!

Back to today, Bub the hub was wonderful and just let me relax. All I did was dress lil'bub. And gave her a snack this afternoon. She's back into loving those biter biscuits.

yum yum

We finally just firmed up our summer vacation plans. We were originally thinking of going to San Diego, but ultimately decided on Destin, Florida. Nothing like the near end of summer to plan your vacation! No matter, we will have a good time and chill by the beach. We are going at the very beginning of August, so I don't even have to wait long. This family needs a vacay big time!!!

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  1. Hi bubs! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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