Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Swim

We finally got the chance for Bub the hub to join lil'bub and I at the pool this weekend, and we got some really cute photos. Avery wore her pink and brown polka-dot swimsuit with matching cover-up. She got lots of compliments at the pool! Here's why.....

gettin' ready to go

pink cheek cutie

after her first dip...we had to add the hat, it was so hot!
good thing it matched right?

bathing beauties haha

laughing with daddy

taking a another dip

cheesing for the camera

too sunny!

kicking with mom

We tell her, "kick-kick-kick!" and her little legs just start going at it! I love it! She's turning into a fish just like her momma. She even swallowed some pool water and didn't seem to mind...much. Her daddy tried showing her how to make bubbles and she thought that was hilarious. Maybe we can convince her to try it herself sometime soon. Lil'bub is going to start doing swim therapy classes through Texas Children's soon since she is doing so well in the water. We are going to have to work on going underwater--that will be interesting considering she freaks out if even bathwater gets near her eyes. We'll see...cross your fingers!

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