Monday, July 6, 2009

A Big Milestone and a Little Scare

So I think we can make it official--->lil'bub is saying "ma-ma"! Last week we thought that we might have heard something like it. Then this past weekend we could have sworn we heard a little "ma" mixed in with the "na-na" and "ba-ba". But these past couple of days she is MOST definitely saying it. And we have it documented! Here is a little video from earlier when the munchkin was letting me cuddle with her, and we just kept practicing.

OK well those first sounds are definitely ma-ma's but the ones at the end might be more like n's! We are just so proud that she's already gotten these consonants down after everything her little brain has been through! And you can see what a great little snugglebunny she can be :) I love how she is studying and grabbing my mouth--you can just see her little wheels turning.

SOOOO, on a completely different topic, Bub the hub had a little scare today at work. Here's how it went down....

I am in the middle of trying to convince Avery how fun it is to watch mommy do laundry when the phone rings. I pick her up and run across the house to get the phone. Bub the hub is on the other line and he sounds a little rattled. He asks me if I am near my computer. I say no, and he says, "I need you to look at this photo, it's freakin me out." I immediately assume he's talking about something in the news, so I am not really that concerned. I grab the laptop and try to access the internet while my munchkin is pounding on the keys. (sidebar: she always manages to access some random program/file that I have never seen before and could not find myself on the computer in a million years. it's uncanny. anyhoo) But Bub is like, "it's that photo of Avery in the pool." What? What is he talking about? He sounds so nervous, it's making me nervous. I am all the sudden expecting there to be like this boogeyman peeking out of the bushes behind the pool. So he tells me what photo to look at and I open it up AND SEE THIS. Let me help you see by zooming:

Wow. ok. That looks kind of real...but wouldn't I have noticed it? I mean it's a pretty good size. While I'm debating in my head, my husband is on the other line and I can hear him hyperventilating a bit. I almost started to giggle, but caught myself. Bub the hub laughs at cockroaches, stomps on spiders, and thinks I shouldn't squeal at rats, but SNAKES are like his superphobia. We can't exactly pinpoint any traumatic childhood experiences (for me, it was just seeing that snakepit in Indiana Jones) but he really REALLY HATES SNAKES. He is a good 20 miles and almost a week away from the one in this photo, and his skin is still crawling.

But no worries, I checked with my friend Laurie, and this is in fact a styrofoam snake, placed there I believe by one of her younger brothers to freak people out. Well done I must say. Made for a fun Monday.

I'll have Fourth of July photos tomorrow if my brother remembers to send them HINT HINT.


  1. Okay, I REALLY hate snakes too! My grandparents used to have a lake house and we were swimming in the lake when up pops a huge snake right in front of me! I can't remember how old I was but Mike was years from being born so I am not sure where he gets his phobia.

  2. oh really? well maybe we need to do some intensive therapy with Mike and see where this comes from...or maybe he just took your lead!

  3. Yay for mama!!!! And funny about the snake ;-P (this is rach)


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