Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mischievous Munchkin

Yep, it's true. That little angel in all the photos can be very naughty sometimes. Lately lil'bub has been trying to unstrap/unbuckle/bounce out of every seat we put her in. This is especially true lately in her highchair. We don't put the tray on all the time, especially when we are spoon feeding her something, and so she starts going for basically anything on the dining table within reach. And now she is practically falling out of her chair to reach for things, and definitely would if we didn't strap her in so tightly!!

It gets really interesting when she goes for the placemats though. There are typically about five things on the placemat (and usually my dinner plate!) and so it gets a little hairy. We did start clearing out all objects that we thought were within reach, but it didn't seem to matter....

let's see here, what can I get??

oooo yeah, my favorite, a placemat!!
let me pretty much fall out of my chair to get this...

lemme just move this over
(and off the table if mom didn't stop me)

who me?? be naughty?? naaaaah

So yes, we have learned the hard way about this placemat affinity. Luckily no broken dishes though! Can you believe how long her hair looks in that last photo! She looks like a little lady :)

I am blogging right now on my laptop that I finally got back today, completely healed. I missed him horrendously and promise to be blogging more now that he is back! It was nice to get him back after a long day. Have I mentioned before that Tuesdays are the WORST DAYS? I just barely make it through them every week. Avery has three therapies, one being at Texas Children's Rehab, where she screams like being tortured for the entire hour. Throw in the drive, the wait, the traffic, and the expense and you get one pretty frustrated momma.

Today while I waited for my car (we had to valet because traffic was awful and I didn't want to be late...did it matter? NO because the therapist was late :()) a random lady sat down beside me and asked me if I was ok. When I said yes thanks, she told me no, I was not, she could tell in my eyes that something was just wrong....how do you even respond to that? I told her thanks again, but I'm sure she didn't have the time to hear about my complaints for the day. My car came right then so I had to take off, but she definitely weirded me out. So I guess these Tuesdays are getting to me. Thank goodness we are vacationing next week!!! No therapy!!! No doctors!! All beach!! yes.

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