Sunday, March 7, 2010

Someone was listening...

Imagine my surprise when after blogging a most magnificent whine about the incessant cold weather, someone {or being} was listening and ushered in Spring just on my behalf!! SO sweet. In celebration, I have revamped the blog for springtime! You will want to check back later this week too because I will continue my re-design...I just can't get enough of all this digital design stuff, and I'm getting better at it :)

But back to SPRING, lil'bub and I also celebrated the change in weather by putting on our new springy dresses and going outside with big smiles.

we laughed

we (I) blew tummy raspberries!

we watered our flowers

and someone attempted to wrestle
the watering can away
(but I won)

we practiced our dribbling with daddy

we made silly faces


we hugged

we kissed

and generally looked cute!

you know, just good times...we don't even mind there is rain in the forecast next week! Just keep it in the seventies and we'll stay happy :)


1 comment :

  1. so pretty! love your spring dresses! I need to borrow your green-thumb :)


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