Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I think one of the very first lessons you learn as a parent (other than how ridiculously complicated car seats and swaddling can be) is that your best laid plans will almost never work out when there is a munchkin in the mix. Take yesterday, which was lil'bub's very last day before spring break, and my last chance to get the blog done, and run a few errands before nine days of pure, crazy Avery time. But none of this was meant to be.

Instead, lil'bub sprouted the highest teperature we have on record, and we discovered she had her very first ear infection. Super bummer. Luckily, we got some medicine fast and she did perk up within a day. However, there was no school-going, no errand-running, and definitely not any to-do list-checking. Such is life.

I do feel bad to have teased you all and left ya hanging on her recent accomplishents though! So here we go! LIL'BUB HAS BECOME AN INDEPENDENT EATER!! No, she's not cooking any meals :) but she is feeding herself drinks and using forks and spoons!!!! This is a HUGE step for her. In fact, it's difficult for me to accurately convey exactly how amazing this is. If you are a mom to a typical child, I know this milestone was passed a whole lot earlier, with a lot less fanfare. But my lil'bub has many more challenges, including one less operating hand, and we could not be more proud of her. Which you might be able to tell from the abundance of photos, enjoy!

big girl!

our new routine in the morning:
feeding HERSELF, holding Minnie,
& watching Mickey cartoons

she thinks the fork is pretty fun.
it's a special, bent lefty fork!

there she goes!

trying to get the angle right

so pleased with herself :)

going for a doubler!

almost made it

trying again




  1. all the best girls are lefties! - rach

  2. Fabulous news! Thanks for sharing this big news. Also love the quilt in the background! Hahahaha!

  3. That's great Avery. Give hugs to your mama for me, too, okay?


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