Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Week

My week of pure, crazy Avery time is offically coming to a close. It's flown by with mucho excitement. Let me review. On Monday, we made a trip to the Children's Museum with our good friends Laurie & Leila.

we made them keep the pacys in,
so they wouldn't put everything in their mouth!

On Tuesday, we had lunch with Bub the hub/daddy, which was the first enjoyable taking-Avery-to-a-restaurant experience we've had in a long time. Probably because she knew it's one of my fav restaurants here in H-town.

anybody else love Hungry's as much as I do? I LOVE their jalepeno hummis. I LOVE LOVE their lite, heart healthy chicken salad. And I especially love how their food is always fresh and good for you, and they have a ton of stuff to choose from. No, they are not paying me. But I'm certainly open to it!

Then on Wednesday we went with Aunt Ali and baby Leah to the Houston Rodeo.

As you can see, this was Leah's very first rodeo. However, it was not Avery's first rodeo. haha. She already knows that mommy and Allison make a beeline for the food, and everything else is just extra fun.

first stop: corndog, not as great as the State Fair,
but still yummy

it was a windy day! lots to see!
of course we headed over to the pigs...

boy, were they stinky, but lil'bub still loved them!
she was holding onto the bars,
hoping to climb in perhaps?

Our favorite pig is the one below. Look closely, because he is SMILING. Which is interesting, since he was trying to sleep and some-baby kept screaming and squealing at him!!

We always round out our visit with an extremely delicious cinnamon roll. And once again, they did not disappoint!

she practically bit through the spoon
cuz she liked it so much :)

we try really hard every year to finish--
this was a valient effort

Thursday and Friday were a treat because Bub the hub took some time off work to spend time with us and watch the beginning of March Madness. As always, his bracket is surviving just fine, while mine continues its path off a cliff.

No need to squint, all that red does in fact indicate my terrible picks. But I would like to give a special shout-out to Kansas for losing in the SECOND ROUND?!!?!! and therefore making my seemingly improbable national champion (Duke) waaaaaay more plausible! Thank you Kansas!

On Saturday, I threw a FAAA-boo-lous baby shower for Aunt Ali and Leah. But that post is for another day my friends, I'm exhausted.


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