Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Bub is 6 Weeks Old!

Time is flying as usual! My sweet baby bub is growing like a weed, just like her equally sweet sister. Here is Madeline's first month photo:

I feel like she looks different everyday! Sometimes more like mom, sometimes more like dad, and occasionally I see her and think she looks like Avery did when she was a baby. Overall though, I think she looks most like I did as a baby.

At her one month appointment, Madeline had gained almost a pound and a half and weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 oz, what a big girl :). She jumped from the 10th percentile in weight to the 15th, whoa!! haha, I think she is going to be jumping up to 50th% in a matter of months, because this girl CAN EAT. Boy, I am SO not used to her total unquenchable thirst...with her big sister, I basically struggled the entire first year of her life trying to get her to eat consistently after all those stinky brain surgeries.

On top of eating like a champ, she enjoys a number of other things as well. Number one I think would be the bath!

Girl can't get enough! She'd stay there all day happy as a clam,
but I really don't want a prune baby :)

 This sweet girl also enjoys her "bug" pacy...

And sleeping on her tummy, for sure

Her hair has gotten a little longer (almost bow ready!), and I still can't believe how blonde it is-- kind of strawberry blonde actually. Her eyes are the prettiest dark blue, and I totally melt when she looks up into mine...she really likes when I sing to her, and gets very quiet and calm. She likes to sleep in our arms, rather than on her back (we're working on this :). She already holds her head up like a champ, and I can't believe how strong she is at just one month! She enjoys riding in her car seat, and goes with me everyday to take and pick up her big sister from school.

We are still getting used to life with two precious girls, but taking it one day at a time. We already can't remember what it was like without her! Big sis is also getting used to having a baby around, but so far so good. At a check up the other day, Avery measured in at 41 inches!!! This girl is going to grow past me any day now! Here is the long legged beauty :)


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