Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Girls

I thought it would be fun to play a little compare and contrast with the lil'bub and baby bub. After taking a look at all these photos, I've come to the conclusion that they look nothing alike! They might both have my lips, but otherwise I think they are very different...I know it's hard to tell since Madeline is so little, but see what you think.

Here they are both at around 7 weeks. Avery's outfit is a little baggy,
but you can definitely tell she had a little more meat on her!
Averyhad very dark baby hair and Madeline is my little blondie :)

ok, these expressions totally crack me up. But you can really tell
how different their head shapes are here. Avery has a long, oval face,
very muchlike her daddy and Madeline is very round- more like mine!

Here they are snoozin in the same little yellow duck outfit.
Both have excellently plump cheeks! and very similar lips

Avery and Madeline at one and a half months, both waving
to the camera :) I think they look pretty different here

But then look at these two--
practically the same baby right??

Here are two of their portrait photos:
very different here, although Avery is significantly older there on the left

OK, so now that you've seen all those, do you think you could tell easily now?
How about this one...which little pumpkin do you think is in the photo below?





Madeline??'s sweet baby Avery! fun game right?
ok- maybe just for me...

And can you believe that my little Maddie is actually two months old today!? I still need to take her official photo though, I'll post it next week :) 


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