Friday, September 16, 2011

The New Nursery: Part Two

Finally. I know --you don't need to tell me-- it's definitely been more than the couple days I promised. If I thought that finding the time to blog with one munchkin was hard, finding it with two is infinitely harder. I have to be tricky too...if I even dare to plan, or really just THINK about blogging, then a blowout/meltdown/accident WILL surely ensue. It's all good though. Family comes first :)

Back to the new nursery. It makes me so happy! Everything turned out exactly as I imagined or better! I MUST give some thanks though: mucho appreciation to Bub the hub, Nana Patterson, Aunt Kay, bff Allison, friends and family from two amazing showers, my Cricut machine, TJMaxx, Target, BabiesRUs, IKEA, Graco, Pottery Barn, Etsy and Amazon  for coming together to make this happen. 


From the door, you walk in and notice that the nursery
is also a guest room! two in one! an amazing feat for
such a small room, I assure you.

as you walk in, straight ahead of you is the daybed
and drawers that we repainted
those beautiful blue polka dotted curtains were lovingly made by my
uber talented Aunt Kay Little and they are perfection!

immediately to your right is the changing table and shelf

closer up...
found some cute canvas bins and decorated them with birdies and butterflies
from my showers... they hold the essentials: diapers, bibs, blankets
and the most essential-SHOES!

Avery is being a very sweet sis and letting Madeline borrow all her baby shoes!

Allison gave me this awesome shelf that just happened
to match the room perfectly :)
I found the name blocks on Etsy and they were made to match
the crib bedding- the birdie next to the "M" is actually a tooth fairy pillow
from my sweet friend Tarryn, she also got me those
adorable socks on the other side!

lots of goodies hanging from the shelf:
from the left are monogrammed baby shoes, a gorgeous dress (it was the
very first thing I bought when I found out I was having another girl :),
her birth certificate from the hospital, a butterfly bow holder,
and a pack of good stuff on the far right, needed for changing baby

look at the precious shoes my wonderful friend Lindsay
sent for Madeline! I love that they have her birth date

back to the blue drawers, they have lots of friendly animals
for Baby Bub and more cute socks, can't have enough of those!

up close, the knobs are also from Etsy,
and also made to match the beddding

the day bed has a beautiful white shabby chic comforter
with patches of different fabric
found these shabby chic ruffle pillows that I love too!!

looking at the opposite corner of the bed, there are shelves
that hold books and furry characters from each story

here's a close up:
from left we have Olivia the pig and Runaway Bunny,
Peter Rabbit (from my nursery when I was a baby),
and The Very Hungry Catepillar...I just love all these
books, they make me happy :)

Here's another view from that corner
On the left is one of my favorite components...

♥the birdhouse side table ♥

On the far wall I framed four newborn photos that I took
of Baby Bub for her announcement...

precious girl :)

I call this corner the reading nook! I am an avid reader, and
will do everything in my powers to mold avid-reading daughters!!
absolutely adore this glider I bought off,
and the book rack I found on Etsy as well

up close on the glider
actually found this lovely bird cloth bag and decided to make it a pillow

last but not least, the crib wall!!
I did the wall mural with branches found at Marshalls
and flowers/leaves/birds made by my Cricut machine

and the lovebirds bedding I always knew I needed

a close-up of the branches
I thought these fun bird houses from Pottery Barn really
made it all POP :)

and that, my friends, brings us back to the door

hey Madeline, what do YOU think of your nursery?
I think that's a smile!!
But seriously, I hope she loves it as much as I loved creating it for her.

Now I think it's time to work on Avery's new big girl room!!!!!! (poor Bub the hub)



  1. love, love, love the final product!

  2. Absolutely perfect, like that sweet little smile on Madeline's face! You've been one busy mommy!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is absolutely adorable! The birdhouse table is AWESOME and the birdhouses on the wall are so cool- and the pillow I have to add. All of it is perfect and the fine details make it so special! You are so talented! xoxo


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