Monday, September 12, 2011

The New Nursery: Part One

I don't mean to be super dramatic...but I'm going to go ahead and be super dramatic and break this into two parts. It IS a lot of photos to share! And more fun to be dramatic. And I'm trying to be in bed by 8pm tonight in preparation for a very hungry baby. SO, initially Madeline's nursery was our guest room:

nuthin too fancy...

Then it was converted into a little study...

and plans for a craft room were initiated! Dreams of my perfect work room looked like any of the following might have already seen the first on my sidebar:


this showroom at IKEA would totally work

as would this storage dream

But alas, these plans would not be realized, and my future craft room would have to be put on hold. Only for the best reason though! Planning a nursery is still pretty fun I'd say, and I already had some ideas, of course. Y'all remember how this bedding set that used to be on my sidebar made me really (irrationally) want another baby a couple years back?

well, I didn't change my mind!

I knew that I wanted Baby Bub's nursery to be really bright and colorful and just plain happy :) So the first decision we made was YELLOW--Martha Stewart's Haystack to be exact, and boy did that do the job for bright! Then I decided that I really wanted to do a cottage-y look, and wouldn't it be perfect if we did the Cape Cod sideboarding around the whole room (cue Bub the hub eye rolling).

I think there is a possibility that I may tend to get a lot of great DIY project ideas in my head and poor Bub the hub suffers a bit...or a lot...or almost breaks his wrist/back/marriage contract trying to make my dreams come true. The man deserves a huge pat on the back because he did all this for me (and the baby, right!?) just using a hammer and a hand saw!!!! The guy deserves some props-- BEHOLD the transformation:

just yellow paint and wall

the first piece of baseboard is attached!

and he slowly but steadily...

takes it around...

the entire room-- what an amazing bub!

All pretty and touched up, it looked so good:

Then it was time to add the furniture, but it is way past my new bedtime, so more photos in the next couple days :)

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