Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Word Fun!

I love words. I do. I love reading them and I love writing them. I especially love using obscure words in the correct context, and most especially when I can get an adequate you-are-making-that-word-up expression from Bub the hub! Whom I can then force to look up said word in the dictionary, proving him totally wrong and proving me totally genius.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the people over at Oxford Dictionary announced an adopt-a-word program, right!?! Apparently there is some widespread concern about "hundreds of words dropped each year from the English language." Shocking, I know!  "Words that once led meaningful lives now lay unused, unloved, and unwanted." It's quite devastating.

In order to do my part, I have adopted the word "quaeritate." This new word of mine simply means, "to ask." I have pledged to use this word as much as possible in order to make sure it does NOT lay unused, unloved or unwanted! Now I must quaeritate that you go right this minute and visit the site in order to adopt your own word!! Think of all these poor, unappreciated words, quite literally begging to be used again. If you feel led, please go ahead and quaeritate your friends and family to adopt a word as well!

And on the subject of words, I have recently invented a new word, or more of an expression I guess. Lately I've been designing so many cards, that my poor right pointer finger is aching from all the work it's been doing on my laptop touchpad. I have officially dubbed this condition Photoshop finger. Anyone else out there experiencing the same thing? I'm thinking about writing Oxford to quaeritate whether this could be added to the dictionary. Long shot I guess....but it would look super sweet on my resume...

I also must quaeritate that you comment here if in fact you do make the decision to adopt. I'd love to hear what other words are being saved from obsoletion (yes Bub the hub, THAT IS a word :).



  1. I have never had Photoshop finger, but I have had Proshow wrist. I'd like to quaeritate if that is the same thing????

  2. I adopted affictitious - love it!

  3. Since I am the sceptriferous Bub, I quaeritate you to post more photos of lil' Bub from the weekend. But please only do so when you have succisive moments. If you are wondering how many photos to post, a sedecuple will be just fine. I admit it, I am a foppotee.

  4. I adopted crocitation, which means crow-like cawing. Horrible Cat's yowl in the morning is a sort of feline crocitation, I suppose.


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