Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Blog

When Bub the hub saw my recent post about movies, he was like...I don't think so.

Lol---actually, he agreed with my first pick, but has no desire whatsover to see the others. That's totally fine though. He will just miss out on some super cool movies while I go have fun with my friends! But I am all about freedom of opinion, so I agreed to let him post his own picks here. He thinks maybe some of my readers will agree with him more. Whatever! Take a look:

Bub and I try to see a movie whenever we get the chance. As you can see from her Top 5, we enjoy all kinds of genres, from silly comedies to serious dramas, and even a foreign film every now and again. It's just the perfect thing for both of us to "get away" for a little while. People probably hate us because we're always talking during the movie, guessing what's going to happen next, making fun of terrible actors. We can't help it. Usually we share the same opinions on movies...usually.

Without further ado, here are Bub the hub's top 5...

DUE DATE- Zach G is hilarious. That's all you need to know. He could just be sitting there staring at the screen back at me and I would laugh. Throw in Robert Downey Jr. and a crazy looking dog and I'm in.

SKYLINE- The movie looks so great mainly because it looks so ridiculous. I honestly don't even know what it's about. I just know there are aliens with outrageous tentacles grabbing everything in sight...awesome. Can the humans survive?

THE NEXT THREE DAYS- Looks intriguing and intense. Russell Crowe always seems to make entertaining movies and Liam Neesen is smarter than everyone in life.

THE TOURIST- Johnny Depp and Angelina...Quite possibly the two biggest male and female the same movie.

TRUE GRIT- Coen Bro. movies are either really good or really dumb in my opinion. This one looks pretty sweet. Jeff Bridges seems to have perfected his western accent and Matt Damon as a kooky sidekick will be fun.

Honorable Mention- SAW 3D (It's kind of an inside joke but I've seen all the others. Might as well keep the tradition right?)

Quite Possibly the Worst Movie Ever Made: BURLESQUE- that trailer is brutal, just brutal. I think they would be better off not showing the preview if they want to actually make money on this movie.

Your welcome.
-Bub the hub

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