Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vintage Avery

I have been busy lately working on Avery's scrapbook. I am pitifully behind....but now I'm catching up! Slowly but surely. So I have been looking at a lot of old photos, and then found some old videos today that I could watch a million times. They just make me smile. Here are two of my favorites below. The first is a very new lil'bub, about 2 months old. It's actually enjoyed a well-watched life on YouTube because of what happens near the end I think. You won't be disappointed, I promise. The cuteness will knock your socks off!

In this next video, she is a little bit older, being an adorable wiggle worm. She kind of looked like she was dancing, and if you have ever seen her daddy-Bub the hub-dance, you will notice it looks exactly the same. Ha!

It's hard to believe y'all, but this last video was taken just weeks after her final brain surgery. It's even sweeter to watch for us, because we knew by then that we had definitely gotten our precious lovebug back. The surgery had not affected her little personality, and she showed all the signs of moving forward.
Our little miracle :)


  1. That sneeze is precious! Such a tiny little Avery!

  2. love the new pics & lovelove the videos!


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