Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Plan

This week we had a lot of stuff planned: speech therapy, swim therapy, multiple doctor appointments, dinner with girlfriends, end-of-school-year presents to make, poker parties to attend, and baking to do. You know what was not in the plan?
me twisting my footie all up!! BUM-MER.  It's a good thing that I have a Bub the hub who is experienced in ankle twisting (in athletic accidents that is, not silly missing the bottom stair accidents :() and who knows how to wrap it with ice and elevate like a pro! I can hop/walk on it a little bit, and hopefully tomorrow it will be way better. WAY better. Toes crossed.

Meanwhile, I have to post some photos from last week when my best good friend Ali came to visit with precious lil'Leah. Look at this sweet pumpkin, she's getting so big!

She is smiling so much now! Most especially when her momma makes silly faces at her.

Ali said she just starting noticing her hands, it's so cute! Look at that focus! And guess what else? My sweet friend even brought over some lunch, and it was so pretty I had to take a pic. It looks like pizza but it's really flatbread with a garlic hummis spread and tabouleh on top. I gave y'all a little link there because Bub the hub had never heard of tabouleh, which is A TRAVESTY my friends. So delicious! 

She even brought over fresh cherries and blueberries too, what a friend! :)

Ali is very well practiced in the holding-baby-in-one-arm-while-you-eat-with-the-other trick. Ah, I remember that well.
Leah was sweet enough to let me cuddle with her. She's cool like that. At this point I had two munchkins to cuddle with. And I liked it. A lot :)

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