Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Eyes

Well, they feel like new to me! Bub the hub took a photo of my new eyes to compare...


What do you think?? I think I've gotten behind on eyebrow plucking! But otherwise, they look the same on the outside :) I am feeling, however, like it's a whole new world. And that keeps reminding me of that really cheesy song from Disney's Aladdin (that I used to belt out in my bedroom when I was younger). I hope I just got it in your head! But really, it was incredible. I think it took all of ten minutes and it was totally painless. Parting with all that money ended up being the hardest part, but I decided you can't really put a price on sight. WORTH IT!!

And since I don't ever want to leave you without some pictures of lil'bub....

How funny are these? One of her teachers at school texted me these photos of her playing with peanut butter and LOVIN IT! They have been working with all kinds of textures lately, letting Avery know it's ok to get messy. Actually, at her our last teacher/parent conference, the teachers told me that Avery does not like to be messy. Compared to the other kids, she likes to keep things pretty neat, including herself...I wonder where she got that from??? absolutely no idea ;)

1 comment :

  1. first of all- I am SO happy you can see again! I'm not sure I'll be able to recognize you... :) secondly, Avery is adorable- peanut butter is worth the mess.


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