Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh July

July, July....can't believe this year is half over. And busier than ever! We just added two speech therapies and swim therapy to our weekly schedule. I know I know. I'm nuts right? Yep. But lil'bub is just making leaps and bounds all of the sudden, and we want to keep the momentum going! Let me re-cap:

-Someone asked me about photos from 4th of July....hmmm, how do I put this? Let me be direct. I took approximately nine million photos and the munchkin was being a stinker in all of them! Don't believe me? I'll have to prove it then.

Avery, will you smile for the camera?

please? pretty please?

we tried inside...

we tried outside...

tried just with mamma...
but no luck.

we did get this one of her telling me a secret though,
and you can see her cute shoes :) so at least that.

-Moving on, lil'bub has been getting so much better with her utensils! we are really thrilled! her teachers at school have worked especially hard at this.

and she is using big girl plates now!

-Avery still looks great in yellow. I'm just sayin'

-Uncle Drew came into town this past weekend and we had some fun. He can't resist kissin' on lil'bub, just like the rest of us.

-Last but not least, my cousins and I threw a lovely birthday party for my mom (Nana) and her twinkie, Aunt Kay this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, super delicious, and I have lots of cute photos. Here's a teaser of the invite I made, I'll post the rest later this week! 


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