Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twins' Birthday Bash

When I say "bash," what I really mean is petit party for close friends. But you know, it just sounds good. So my cousins and I hosted this lil'party to celebrate my mom and aunt Kay turning six-o. I hope they don't mind me announcing that to the world. I don't think they will be too mad though, especially since they certainly don't look a day over...35! :)

I was very happy to design the invitations for the party, and I really loved how they turned out. They were 4x6 folded cards and went like this:

inside (open)

So we kept with the light blue and gold motif for the party too. I found these matchy napkins and plates at Berings. I love that place. They have awesome party stuff, and great invitations too (that is, if you don't want unique custom invitations by me, of course).

My cousin Alysia put together (and cooked up!) this beautiful, coordinated dessert table:

everything was delicious, but these cupcakes were especially heaven

so were these little guys! yum yum

I made some colorful fruit skewers, and this here in front is BRIE!! one of my all-time favorite things. I almost didn't have room for the rest of the menu because I had a few (nine?) too many. We also had avocado soup, shrimp-cherry tomato-mozzarella pasta salad and peach bellinis, all made by my cousin Kingslea--all amazing!

Do you want to see some actual people now? That might be nice right? ok-

hostesses: Kingslea, me, Alysia

the birthday girls!

more party animals...
here are the mommas and daughters
thanks girls, it was tons of fun :)


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