Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tribute to Dad

So today is Father's Day, officially number two for sweet Avery's dad, Bub the hub. And the first Father's Day where she is not recovering from major brain we are counting our blessings! Bub the hub has been showered today with some of the things he loves most in this world, which I will list in no particular order:

1) love and hugs from his adoring wife and daughter
2) SHIPLEY'S donuts
3) watching the US Open
4) watching an entire soccer game on tv without a single eye roll from his adoring wife (yes, it was hard for me to do)
5) Underarmour polos
6) Dr Pepper with cherry from Sonic
7) steak for dinner
8) special home-made brownies (not those kind)
I think it was a good day for him, to say the least. Really, he is lucky to get more than one of these things (usually numero uno) on any given day--> tomorrow it will be right back to Cooking Light dinners and being made fun of for watching tv soccer and yelling GOOOOAL! while running around the living room.
Here he is enjoying some time with the munchkin:

So HAPPY FATHER'S DAY BUB! and thanks for being an amazing husband and father, right from the beginning...

when this little miracle blew into our lives and we had to make decisions that no parents should ever have to make. You were my rock, and you have been the most caring and thoughtful daddy through every surgery, the roller coaster of recoveries, and especially every one of my many near-meltdowns. Your patience with both of us is infinite...especially when I ask for the 5th time in an hour if she is still breathing, you still get up and check. Thank you for letting me sleep late on the weekends and not saying a word when I dig all the cookie dough out of your chocolate chip (cookie dough) ice cream. Thank you for always telling me everything is going to be ok, and that no, you do not see any dark under-eye circles on my face. I know the truth, but I still appreciate it.

We tried to get Avery on record saying da-da today, but she just wanted to be silly. Please, please excuse my obnoxious laughing and yelling, I get way too excited about my munchkin.

And I can't forget to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my own daddy!

Thanks for always being there for us. You are such a good grandaddy! Your generosity overwhelms us and your humor always revives you mucho!!


  1. Hey it's Rachele. What a lovely note to Mike. Love the new blog and reading your thoughts. Super duper miss you!!

  2. Probably one of the sweetest Father's Day tributes ever... Did Mike cry?? (haha) Love the blog!

  3. thank's baby,daddy loves you.

  4. Mike, looks like you are doing ok. Give you a pass for now but remember, one slip up and I will kill you.



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