Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If you think you're busy....

you should meet the schedule of my 1 year old! She certainly puts my social calendar to shame. And I'm not just talking about baby playdates. This munchkin gets physical therapy once a week, occupational therapy twice a week, vision therapy once a week, and speech usually once every few weeks. We are trying out a couple new therapists too, so we have been seeing double physical and speech therapists lately. If you add in the many appointments with her pediatrician, neurologist, opthalmologist, rehab doctor, orthotic specialist...well you see what I mean. We are also currently working on adding in some swim classes too, you know, whenever we have some free time.

Today, before 11am, we have already done breakfast, seen the vision therapist and physical therapist, and fit in a morning nap (just for her, sadly). I took some photos of Avery with her physical therapist, Sonia. We are so impressed with how much weight she is putting on her right foot:

We like to distract her with toys so she doesn't know she is having therapy! Here she is practicing standing and keeping weight on that right leg/foot.

She has a little ankle brace on that right foot that helps her keep it flat and gives a little extra support. You don't even want to know how much that little piece of plastic cost!

Here's an even better photo from a couple weeks ago of Avery putting weight on that foot. You can see how proud she is of herself. And Texas A&M!

Now it's off to another appointment to get measured for a splint for Avery's right hand. It's a gadget that will help keep her hand open more often. We don't want those muscles to get too tight. Also, lunchtime appointments make the perfect excuse for Avery's momma to skip the Lean Cuisine and pick up some Chick-fil-a....yum. And talking about yum, if you are ever thinking of distracting your whining daughter with some Play-Doh while you are taking a moment to blog, this is actually not such a hot idea. Although I only looked away for two seconds, and her pacifier had been firmly in place, suddenly there was hot green dough dripping from her mouth. I'm pretty sure my scream scared her from swallowing it, and I do think I got it all out of her mouth....still, really only the safest way to play with Play-Doh is this:

Pacifier in. Play-Doh cap firmly on.
Yes, her eyes are saying "Are you kidding me?"

I don't want that annoyed photo to be the last one however, so I will leave you with post-bath Avery. The other night her Nana came over for one of her favorite pastimes, bathing my baby! No complaining here!

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  1. Cass, you're such an amazing mom. I'm so glad you started the blog, it's so fun to see Avery. She's too cute with her cheeks.

    Ankle brace reminds me of her dad's cracking ankles...they match now.


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