Monday, June 29, 2009

A Red Letter Day

My lil'bub let me sleep in a little today, which was fantastic for my energy level, but really just knocked her whole schedule off...instead of going straight to sleep at 7p.m. on the dot, it is almost 8p.m. and she is still bouncing off the bars of her crib (figuratively of course). I know this because I am watching her on the video monitor right now. Bub the hub and I affectionately call this monitor "Avery t.v." and let me tell you, it is super mesmerizing.

I know you are probably thinking, "I would not really be mesmerized, because that is not my munchkin." You are so very wrong! As many friends and family can attest, these monitors are just addicting to watch. It's like a little secret window into her world:

So here she is right now. If you think she looks sleepy, don't let her fool you. She's the greatest faker there is! About 5 seconds after I took this photo, she was back to the bouncing and squealing. She and I are both listening to one of the sweetest sounds we've heard in a long time....THUNDER AND RAIN! Can you believe it? We thought maybe this heat and drought were going to last for ever. We are so very ready for this!!

I digress though, so maybe I should go back to the theme of this post, which is lil'bub lookin A-dorable in her red pajamas and red LOVE onesie today. Didn't I mention the other day how great she looks in red?? Here she is in the pajamas this morning:

I love this terrycloth jumper from Baby Gap!
She is still waking up here, complete with
tucked in the front pouch.
(ok so I might have helped her tuck them in :)

whoa mom, too close!

this is more like it!

And here she is later on in the day practicing some sitting with her occupational therapist, Ms. Leigh:

This is her favorite little neck tilt that says,
"aren't I cute?" To which I always reply with kisses!

Now that I have finished writing this post, it is pouring rain and the munchkin is finally asleep. Time to go watch Bachelorette!

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