Thursday, August 28, 2014

Breaking News

I mean, if you consider "breaking" to be last Sunday, since this post has sat unfinished since then. Sigh. 

I am so traumatized. She's totally fine. 
So hard to get a good pic! Sorry this is a little graphic.

We noticed it was loose on Saturday after an epic meltdown. Bub the hub wanted to pull it but I just couldn't let him. I've so been dreading this milestone because I am truly worried she might choke on a tooth, like in the middle of the night or some other time we are not with her. After she calmed down, she seemed to think it was pretty funny. Couldn't keep her tongue off of it, of course.

I was watching it like a hawk, as you can imagine. It came out at lunch on Sunday and it was hubby who noticed first. Just disappeared! Tooth fairy a little disappointed. Avery gave no signs of noticing at all, very giggly actually. Glad the first one is done, but still nervous about the rest! Love her little toothless grin though :)


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