Monday, September 8, 2014

School for Maddie

The Cinderella party will have to wait, again, so I can post about my little bug's first day of school this year! She has been itchin' to go ever since Avery started almost 3 weeks ago. 
She leaped out of bed this morning, so excited to get ready and wear her new yellow "apple" dress we got months ago just for this occasion.

 When we got ready to take this photo she told me that she needed her back pack in the pic as well. Well of course, how could mommy not think of that? This girl always keeps me on my toes.

And to compare with last year, of course.

Just growing like crazy!

I really wanted to get a pic of her with her new teachers, or going into her classroom! But like last year, she basically ran in before I could do anything. I barely got a kiss. It was an air kiss, actually, and then she was gone. She ran right over and started doing a puzzle.

When I picked her up today, I was happily surprised to hear her talk nonstop about what she did in school. Last year it was like pulling teeth to get anything about her day! I just loved listening to her tell me little stories and who she played with and how funny something was. Almost brings tears to a happy mommy's eyes. All I can hope is that she keeps loving school and stays as bright and thoughtful as she is right now at this age that I can't help but love.


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