Saturday, August 23, 2014

Birthday Girl

Sorry to leave y'all hangin! Maddie's birthday and party were wonderful! So much to share, it will probably take me about 4 posts. My newly three year old got her traditional wake-up balloons and happy birthday singing. We had a fun playground visit in the morning and went to the pool in the afternoon. Spoiled with presents all day, blew out her three pink candles after dinner, and went to bed very late! You know, just a perfect day for Maddie Brynn.

Happy morning birthday girl

visiting an awesome new playground that daddy helped design!

opening silly card from granddaddy

While Friday was pretty magical, it's hard to beat the moment when Cinderella showed up at her birthday party the next day.

She's spotted!


And then totally attached at the hip from there!

Doesn't it just make your heart smile??
More soon!

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