Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter this year was full of family, as it should be.... and drama, which is inevitable. Maddie loved the egg hunts even more than last year, and Avery seemed to have a good time on Saturday at the ranch but came home with some mean mosquito bites, which put quite the damper in our Sunday festivities. This mom and dad survived the weekend just barely, considering the hub had been sick for quite some time, and received a diagnosis of being somewhere "between bronchitis and pneumonia" on Easter Sunday. Sigh.

At least we kicked off the weekend the right way: baking Easter cookies!

Maddie was a big help. And only begged to eat the cookies about 14 times before they actually finished baking and cooling. Here are the finished products:
My favorite are the bunny backsides :)
Saturday, at the ranch...

                                   Love the hair twirling                           "can you open?"

thoroughly enjoying her Easter candy!

 Mommy and Avery

silly girls

Daddy and his girl

We had an Uncle Drew sighting for Easter as well, but sadly I did not get any good pics. Really the best one I got all of Sunday was this nice pic of my niece puppy, Raleigh. She's really cute.

And even tolerated being chased around by a 2 yr old for hours! Love you Raleigh!


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