Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Fish Needs Water

OK, so you might be tired of hearing about Hawaii, so I apologize, but I have a good little story about Miss Maddie Brynn that I don't want to forget.

Maddie has a Disney "Look & Find" book with all of the characters from Finding Nemo that she really enjoys reading. Before we went to Hawaii, she had actually never seen the movie. So, after we visited with the characters at Disney Aulani, we took the girls to the gift shop and I told Maddie she could pick one thing for us to buy. The shop had lots of Mickey and Minnie stuff, some Frozen stuff, and a few princess things that I thought for sure she would want. She kind of surprised me by finding and requesting a Nemo stuffed animal. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes and cuddled it under her chin, so I said ok let's do it.

We purchased Nemo and then headed for the front lobby of the resort to wait for our car. On either side of the lobby were little ponds of water with rocks and fountains. Maddie saw them right away and headed over to look. As I peeked outside for our car, out of the corner of my eye I immediately saw something orange fly high into one of the ponds.

With literally no hesitation, Maddie had spied that pond and decided that, naturally, it was where a fish like Nemo needed to be. Made so much sense. So she launched her new (just barely bought! and not cheap!) stuffed animal straight into the water as I did one of those slow-mo, "Nooooooooo" things you see people do in the movies. When I ran over to where she stood watching, she turned to me with this look on her face that was, like, so confident and happy that she had just done the right thing. It was so, SO hard not to burst into laughter.

Luckily (or because this happens frequently?), a Disney employee ran right over with one of those long claw thingies you use to grab things... like swimming stuffed animals, and plucked it right up and out of the water.  I only held sopping wet Nemo for a second before a different employee ran over and offered to "fix" him right up for us. Awesome. My immediate thought was whether they planned to blow dry the darn thing? but we waited only about 5 minutes until said employee came running back into the lobby with a "fixed" (and actually brand new) Nemo to hand to my precious, fish tossing daughter. I have to say, these Disney people really know how to bring it. 

The way Maddie is so literal minded makes me giggle. She acted so swiftly! Put that fish exactly where fish need to be. And no regret. I like that. 


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