Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hawaiian Vacation Top Ten

So I finally got around to uploading all my pics... I was wrong, it was 264 photos, not 200. Plus my mom's 100. And there are WAY too many good ones to post! I decided to do a top ten list because (obvs-- y'all know) I love lists, and I've got to have some kind of cap on the photos or this post will never end.

1) THE HOUSE: do not have enough words for what a slice of heaven this place was. It was actually a larger property with three houses total that shared a beautiful beach and long dock with amazing 360 views.

dock girl

2) HOT TUBBIN' IN PARADISE: we've decided that in the future, we'd rather not vacation without a hot tub. The kids loved it, the adults loved it, it was perfect. Triple plus was it made my Avery super happy. 

3) DISNEY AULANI: we drove across the island one morning to visit the Disney resort for breakfast with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. It did not disappoint! Although Maddie was a little terrified frightened, Avery was in her element. I already posted her Minnie hug, but she also walked over to Minnie and gave her both hands, it was so sweet. Mickey made her smile from ear to ear.

Minnie was so sweet :)

fun with coconuts

omg I just met Mickey!

4) HAMMOCK BLISS: the prime relaxation spot.

this is not suspicious at all...


Mommy gettin some primo chill time

5) WATER TOYS, exhibit A & B: kayak & catamaran!

in our family, we make the little bubs do the work ;)

sailing right near our house on the catamaran

Maddie thought it was super cool

6) WATER TOYS, exhibit C: paddle board

OK, so I decided to teach myself to paddle board and lucky for you, my mom took
approximately 50 photos of this adventure... you're welcome.

First five seconds I am up you might notice 
1. you should really stay away from rocks on a paddle board and
2. I am facing the complete wrong way on the board
3. My hair is dry but in 3, 2, 1,

I get my first taste of nice, cold Hawaiian ocean water.
And realize that water shoes would have been really smart since
I am standing on a super rocky coral reef.

But no, I am determined to get up again, so after a little paddling

I'm back up!

And after about 5 more falls into the water 
(and some super burning thigh muscles)

7) SEALIFE PARK: dolphins! probably what Maddie got most excited about, but we all had a great time:
"look daddy, dolphins!"

dolphin show #1

dolphin show #2

Avery and mommy enjoyed watching too

8) SEALIFE PARK: sharks, sea turtles and birds!
watch out for the hammerhead!!

got to feed a few hungry sea turtles

and one very hungry bird :)

9) PARASAILING: so glad Mike and got to do this. I will never forget how beautiful and calm it was up there. Thrilled to check it off the bucket list.

here we go!

up, up and away

can you see us?

happy post- para bubs, and one sleepy bub

10) GREAT FRIENDS: overwhelmingly glad we got to spend another vacation with our great friends, The Petersons and their two adorable nuggets, Elizabeth and Vera!

Rach has been my dear friend since we were in junior high :)

And got to hang out with my ol' traveling partner in crime, Lindsay
such a treat!!!

11) WINDY BEACH FAMILY: the bubs had genuine, super fun family time on this vacation and it will be hard to beat. Hawaii is officially my fave.


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